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How To Add Teams To Outlook? [Full Guide]

With the help of the Teams meeting add-in, you will be able to schedule a Teams meeting in Outlook.

When you install both Outlook and Teams, the Teams add-in automatically gets enabled and there is no need to add Teams to Outlook separately.

The users can use this add-in for Windows, web, Mac, and Android. Now to clear all doubts, let us see how to add Microsoft Teams to Outlook.

How To Add Teams To Outlook?

Check the following article to get a detailed idea about how to add Teams to Outlook.

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1) Add Teams To Outlook For Windows

Teams add-in is available for the users having Office 2013, Office 2016, Office 2019 and Office 365 on their Computers.

If you cannot find Teams Meeting add-in then exit Outlook and Teams. Then restart Teams, sign in with your credentials and then restart Outlook.

Now follow the below given steps to find Teams add-in For Outlook:

  • Sign in to Outlook with your credentials and click on the App Launcher at the extreme top left side.

You will find Teams here. Click on it and follow the on-screen prompts.


  • Enter your password and click on the Sign In option. Add your phone number when asked and click Next as shown below.


  • Check the quick question pop-up and click on the Continue option.


If you want to change your contact number, then click on the Transfer number option and follow the onscreen prompts.

  • Next, a pop-up will appear and show you how you want to appear on Teams.
  • Check the details and press the Continue button as shown in the picture below.


Now you will be able to successfully continue with Teams.


2) Teams Meeting Add-In In The Outlook Web App

If you are using an early version of the Outlook on the web, then you will get the Teams outlook plugin in your Outlook web app as a part of the new event creation.

The meeting link and the phone numbers of the co-ordinates will get added to the meeting invite when you click on the Send button.

3)Teams Add-in For Outlook iOS And Android Smartphones


In the latest version of the Outlook Android and iOS app, you will notice the Teams meeting button.

You will have to click on the Send button to send the meeting link to the members.

4) Add a Meeting To Teams

Using Find Time add-in on Outlook, you can schedule a meeting using Teams or Skype.

After scheduling the meeting time, FindTimes will start sending the meeting invitation.

If you select the Online Meeting option in FindTime, it will schedule a Teams or Skype meeting.

Closing Up

So, this was how to add Teams to Outlook. If you have any doubt, let us know by commenting in the section given below.

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