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Fix: Android Auto Keeps Disconnecting [Solved]

Android auto app lets you control your car’s infotainment system with the help of your android mobile phone.

The app provides you with handy features like Google maps, GPS, web search, voice messaging, music player, etc.

But if the Android Auto keeps disconnecting, then you will experience much inconvenience.

This can happen due to various reasons that I am going to discuss now and provide you with some solutions to fix it.

Why Does My Android Auto Keep Disconnecting? How Can I Fix It?

So if you are wondering ‘Why does my Android Auto keep disconnecting?’, then let me answer that as well as show you how to troubleshoot the problem. Have a look!

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1) Restart Your Android Phone

If any other program or service conflicts with Android Auto app then it can stop functioning properly.

So restart your Smartphone to shut down all the running processes.


Try this simple process when Android Auto keeps disconnecting before moving on to the other solutions.

2) Reboot Car’s Infotainment System

After restarting your android device, reboot the vehicle’s infotainment system.

This can also prove to be helpful when the android auto is disconnecting.

Check the manual to restart the infotainment system as it varies from car to car.

If you cannot restart the system then turn off your car for some time and then restart it. You can also try to reboot the infotainment system again.

Though the process may differ from system to system, here is a basic guide to reboot the infotainment system. Check it:

  • Open Vehicle Settings on an infotainment system and make your selection.


  • Select Smartphone Connections and then try to re-establish the connection with the Android Auto app.

Now check if this has solved the problem, else move on to our next solutions.

3) Clear Cache From Your Android Phone

App cache stores the data that you have recently accessed to respond faster.

But your android auto won’t launch if there is any corruption in the cache. So, clear the cache and check if this fixes the problem.

Now follow the process to do so:

  • Tap on the Settings and go to Apps or Apps Management.
  • Scroll to find the Android Auto app and tap on it.


  • Next, choose Storage or Storage usage option as per your android set.


  • Finally, tap on Clear cache.


If this does not solve the issue, check your android phone’s compatibility.

4) Check The Device’s Compatibility

To function properly your android phone and the car should be compatible with Android Auto.

To check if our car is supported with the Android Auto app click on the link and check if the car’s name is enlisted there.

If you find that your vehicle is compatible and still the Android auto keeps disconnecting, go to the next solution.

5) Check The USB Cable Connected To Android Auto

If you are using Android Auto service taking the help of a USB cable then check the condition of the cable.

Android Auto won’t connect if the cable is defective or of poor quality.

So, while you are having issues, don’t overlook this simple step.

6) Update The Android Auto App

Sometimes the Android Auto app may crash due to several problems.

The problems need troubleshooting. Make sure that you are using the latest version of the app as this can be one of the reasons to initiate the issue.

To update the app follow the steps given below:

  • Visit Google Play Store and tap on the Android Auto app. If an update is available then you will find the Update option.


  • Simply tap on it and wait for the process to get completed.

7) Reinstall Android Auto

If no other solution could fix the problem, uninstall or disable Android Auto and then reinstall it.

You can do so following the steps mentioned below:

  • Tap on your phone settings and find App Management or Apps option as per your phone.
  • Expand the section and tap on the Android Auto app.
  • Select the Uninstall option. Wait for the uninstallation process to get completed.


  • Next, visit Google Play Store and reinstall the app. Now a fresh installation should wipe off all the previous problems.
  • Now re-establish the connection with your vehicle and check.

8) Contact The Manufacturer Of The Car

If the above steps did not fix your problem, contact the dealer or manufacturer of your car and report the problem.

Now let them check what internal component is disturbing to establish a connection with the Android Auto app.

Closing Up

Hope you have found a suitable solution when Android Auto keeps disconnecting from the above article. Keep sending us your queries in the reply section below.

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