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Fix: This App Can’t Run On Your Windows 10 PC Error [Solved]

While running an app sometimes you may encounter problem and cannot run the app.

You will see some error messages in various forms that can affect the Windows apps as well as any third-party app.

Let us find out the reasons why ‘This app can’t run on your PC’ and the probable solutions to fix it.

How To Fix This App Can’t Run On Your Pc Windows 10?

Follow these straightforward ways to know how to fix this app can’t run on your PC error on Windows 10.

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1) Check The App’s Version

While opening an app if you see on your Windows 10, ‘This app can’t run on your PC’, check if you have downloaded the correct version of the app and whether it is compatible with your system.

  • To check the version of your Windows, press Win + I to open Windows Settings.
  • Click on the System option.


  • Go to the bottom of the left window pane and click on the About option.


  • Here you will get the details about your system and the Windows version installed on your PC.


Now tally the version of the app installed and check if both are compatible with each other.

2) Allow Administrative Privileges To The App

If you find that your system is compatible with the version of the app that you cannot run on your PC, then try running the app as an administrator. See if it runs this way.

To do so, right-click on the app shortcut on your desktop and select Run as administrator as I have shown below.

If you find it working, then you can change the settings to always run the app as an administrator. Follow these steps to do so:

  • Right-click on the shortcut of the app and open its Properties.


  • Go to the Compatibility tab and check the Run this program as an administrator option.


3) Run The App In Compatible Mode

If the above methods did not work for you and you still find this app can’t run on your PC on Windows 10, then try to run the app in compatibility mode.

To do so, follow the steps given:

  • Open the Properties of the particular app and click on the Compatibility tab.
  • Check the Run this program in Compatibility mode box.
  • Select a version of Windows and save your changes by clicking on the Apply button followed by OK.


Now see if you can run the app, else go to the next solution.

4) Change User Accounts Control Settings

You can change the User accounts control settings and this can help you to run the app successfully. To do that, check the steps I am describing below:

  • Type Control Panel in Windows search box and enter Control Panel. Choose the first option.
  • Click on User Accounts.


  • Now select the Change User Account Control Settings option.


  • Drag the slider to the position I have shown so that you see ‘Notify me only when apps try to make changes to my computer (default)’ option.


  • Click on the OK button to apply the changes. Now try to run the specific Windows app on your PC.

5) Tweak Local Security Policy Settings

If the above steps could not fix the problem then tweak the local security policy settings.

But be extra-cautious while performing this step and follow exactly what is instructed:

  • Enter Local Security Policy in the Windows search box and choose the proper option.
  • Click on Local Policies and select Security Options.


  • Go to the right pane and scroll down to find User Account Control Admin Approval Mode for the Built-in Administrator Account option.


  • Right-click on it and click on Properties. Click on the Enabled button and click on OK to apply your changes.

User_Account_Control_Admin_Approval_Mode_for_the_Built_in_Administrator_Account _enabled

  • Next head for User Account Control: Run all administrators in admin approval option.


  • Right-click on it and click on Properties. Click on the Enabled option and save the changes by clicking on the OK option.

6) Use Another Account

You can try running the app from another user account. Switching accounts can often make a difference.

To do so check the steps given below:

  • Go to the Start Menu and click on your Profile Picture. Select the Sign Out option.


  • Select another user account from the login screen and log into it.

Now try to open the app from this user account and see if it runs now.

7) Run A SFC And DISM Scan

You also need to check if any virus is causing the problem. So, run an SFC scan first to repair Windows system files.

Sometimes the system files can get corrupted and an SFC scan will check for any missing or corrupted system files and fix them. So, run the SFC scan and check.

Sometimes due to viruses, malware, or bad updates, the Windows image may get corrupted.

So go for a DISM scan to fix the corrupted Windows image. After running the scans successfully open your app.

8) Reinstall The App

If nothing can run the app, then reinstall it. So, first, uninstall the app following the steps given below:

  • Open your Control Panel and click on Programs and Features.


  • Here you will find the list of all the installed apps. Find the problematic app and right-click on it.
  • Choose Uninstall option and follow the instructions given on-screen.


  • Now download and install the app again and this should fix the problem.

Closing Up

So, when this app can’t run on your PC, perform the steps described above and solve the problem.

For more details leave us a reply in the comments section below.

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