FIX: Audible Stops When Screen Locks On iPhone

Audible is a great way to listen to your favorite books from engrossing narrators anywhere anytime.

However, some users encountered problems while using it on their iPhones.

They have complained that the Audible app stops working when the screen locks.

This is not big trouble that can’t be dealt with and in today’s column I am going to discuss the solutions to fix the issue quickly.

Why Does Audible Stop Working When Screen Locks On iPhone?

Audible may stop working due to various reasons. Some of them are:

  • If you do not have enough space on your iPhone to run the app.
  • The Audible app is outdated and has bugs.
  • The iPhone on which you are running the Audible app is outdated.

What To Do If Audible Is Not Working When Screen Locks On iPhone?

Here we have shown how to fix the Audible app when it is not functioning after the screen locks on an iPhone.

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1) Force Quit The Running Apps And Check Phone Storage 

Sometimes you may not have enough space for running the Audible app.

This can be the reason why the Audible app is topping when the screen locks.

So, force quit all the running apps following the steps below:

  • Swipe up from the bottom to the middle portion of your iPhone.
  • If you are using iPhone SE, iPhone 8, or earlier versions, double click on the Home button to show the recently used apps.
  • Now swipe up all the apps and this will close them. If you have any unnecessary apps ten uninstall them from your device. This will create some extra space.

If the problem persists after this, go to the next step.

2) Restart Audible App and iPhone

If the Audible is not working when the iPhone screen turns off, close the Audible app and then restart it.

You can also restart your iPhone and then open the Audible app again.

In most cases, a fresh restart can fix the problem. If after restarting the app and the iPhone, the problem persists, go to the next solution.

3) Update The Audible App

If the audible app is outdated this can also be the reason why it is not working properly after the screen locks.

So, update it. To do so, visit the App Store from your iPhone and tap on your profile icon from the top right corner of the screen.

Swipe down the screen and from the list of the available updates find the Audible app.

Tap on the Update option to update the app.


4) Update iPhone

Besides updating the Audible app, you should also update your iPhone.

Outdated iOS versions can have bugs that are causing the problem and updating can fix it. Here is how to update your iPhone:

  • Go to the iPhone Settings and tap on the General option.
  • Select Software Update and see if any update is available.
  • If you find an update, download and install the update.


5) Reset The Audible App

You can also reset the Audible app and clear the cache. This process will cancel the pending and partial downloads but not affect any completed download process.

Now follow the steps to reset the Audible app:

  • Open the Audible app. Tap on the three bars at the top left side of the screen from the My Library screen.
  • Choose the Help & Support option.
  • Next tap on the three dots from the top right corner. Select the Reset Application option.


  • Confirm by tapping on the OK option. This will clean all the cached data.


If after this process, Audible still does not function properly then go to the next solution.

6) Reinstall Audible App

If the above solutions did not solve the issue, then reinstall the Audible app.

But before you uninstall the app, note that the process will remove all the downloaded audiobooks.

You will have to re-download and mark the books again after reinstalling the Audible app.

Here are the steps to reinstall the Audible app:

  • Tap & hold the Audible app icon. Select the X icon at the corner of the app and delete it.
  • From the next pop-up window, tap on the Delete button.
  • Visit the App Store and search for the Audible app. Install the app freshly. This time you should not have the problem.

Closing Up

Send us feedback if you found the above steps helpful to fix the issue.

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