7 Best Browsers For Windows XP

Although Microsoft has stopped support for Windows XP, many users are still comfortable using it.

If you are an XP user and want a browser better than the pre-installed Windows Explorer, here are seven great options.

These 7 web browsers still work on Windows XP and ensure better security and speed. Have a look!

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Which Is The Best Browser For Windows XP?

Does any browser still work on Windows XP and Old PCs?

Yes, many browsers still work on Windows XP with ease.

Check out these 7 best browsers for Windows XP that provides regular updates with high-security measures.

1) Opera 36


Opera 36 is one of the best web browsers for Windows XP users.

Opera 36 uses minimum system resources and is lightweight, so very much compatible with older PCs.

Besides, it offers a customizable UI and a plethora of added features to enhance your browsing experience.


  • Opera 36 is a lightweight browser with add blocking feature.
  • It compresses the websites you visit using advanced algorithms to ensure a faster browsing experience.
  • The UI is customizable with plenty of additional features.
  • Opera provides top-level security features.

2) K-Meleon


K-Meleon is an open-source and lightweight web browser with lots of customizable options.

K-Meleon uses the Gecko layout engine, which Mozilla Firefox also uses.

So, the browser has the look and feel of the Firefox browser. If you are familiar with Firefox, you will not have a problem using it.


  • K-Meleon provides a highly customizable UI.
  • Easy to navigate with a unique mouse gesture plugin.
  • The web browser is lightweight and with flexible options.
  • K-Meleon requires 256 RAM only and runs on Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 95.
  • This web browser is reliable and fast and supports some Firefox extensions.

3) UC Browser


UC Browser comes with an innovative technique to detect and eliminate viruses before they get into your PC.

It blocks ads making a smoother and faster browsing experience.

UC Browser provides a video function that allows users to download & stream videos.


  • The UI is user intuitive with ad-blocking features.
  • Provides a unique technique for virus detection and elimination.
  • The users can download and stream high-quality videos with the video function.
  • It consumes low data and ensures high speed.

4) UR Browser


UR Browser is a fast web browser for XP that is much safer.

It blocks ads that prevent the cookies and trackers from weighing down the pages making the browser slow.

UR Browser comes with an innovative set of tools that give the users control over who sees their data online.


  • Fast speed with ad blocking system and prevents trackers & cookies.
  • It has security alerts for malicious websites.
  • It has a built-in virus scanner.
  • Ensures privacy protection that controls who sees the data online.

5) Sea Monkey


Sea Monkey is another good open-source browser for Windows XP users.

It includes an all-in-one internet suite with email, a web browser, and a news client program.

Besides, Sea Monkey incorporates ChatZilla, an HTML editor with many development tools.


  • Open source browser with intuitive user UI.
  • Sea Monkey also uses the Mozilla Gecko engine.
  • It provides an entire internet suite with lots of development tools.
  • Sea Monkey provides regular new features and frequent updates.

6) Pale Moon


Pale Moon is Goanna based web browser that I can recommend for Windows XP.

It is a highly customizable open source browser offering good stability and many extensions for a better user experience.


  • Based on Goanna and safe to use.
  • Highly customizable UI.
  • Provides frequent updates with additional security features.
  • Renders smooth speed with lots of innovative tools.
  • Exclusive ad-ons are available for Web development, privacy, and security.

7) Slimjet


Slimjet is a unique web browser that automatically blocks ads.

So, no more tiring your eyes and getting distracted by unnecessary ads.

Slimjet is a fast, clean, and ad-free web browser that I must recommend for Windows XP users.

Slimjet claims not to send any user data back to Google like other web browsers. To protect your privacy online, Slimjet is equipped with anti-tracking technology.


  • Fast, clean, and efficient.
  • Slimjet automatically blocks ads.
  • It is loaded with flexible options.
  • Protects user’s data online with advanced anti-tracking technology.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

  1. What is the best browser to use with Windows XP?

Some of the best browsers on Windows XP are Opera, K-Meleon, Slimjet, Sea Monkey, UR Browser, UC Browser, and Pale Moon.

  1. What version of Chrome works with Windows XP?

Google Chrome version 49 runs on Windows XP.

  1. Which browser is best for an old PC?

Opera, Pale Moon, Slimjet, UC Browser, UR Browser, and Sea Monkey are the best browsers for Windows XP.

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