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10 Best Games To Stream On Twitch [Popular Picks]

Live streaming has become trendy but requires a genuine endeavor to leave a mark.

You must have good backup equipment, a stable internet connection, some extra time for your audio content, and so on.

Now if you have a Twitch channel and searching for the best games to stream on Twitch, this article is exclusively for you. So, keep reading and get the answers.

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Best Games To Stream On Twitch

Here I have narrowed down the best games to stream on Twitch and divided them into two parts.

One list includes the most streamed games and another list is for the new streamers. So, go through the lists and pick up a game for streaming.

1) Most Streamed Games On Twitch

Here I am enlisting some of the most streamed games on Twitch. Check this out.



Valorant by Riot Games is a first-person shooter game for your Windows PC.

This popular game started its journey in October 2019 named Project A.

It began a closed beta period on April 2020, giving limited access, and again officially released on 2nd June, of the same year.

The game is team-based and the characters are from different parts of countries across the Globe.

The players either attack or defend the team with 5 players assigned or each team. It is undoubtedly one of the best games to stream on Twitch.

Call of Duty- Modern Warfare


Call of Duty – Modern warfare reached popularity hype and is one of the favorite games to date.

The theme of the game covers World War 2, futuristic worlds, outer space, and so on.

The versatility of the game is one of the reasons that streamers find it to be an iconic game ever.

Albion Online

albione_onlineAlbion Online is a free-to-play MMORPG that has gained huge hype for high-risk fights and massive loot PVP.

You can leave a mark on the world of Albion by brutally fighting, saving yourself, and exploring a world full of dangers and opportunities.



Fortnite is a good game to stream on Twitch. Created in the year 2017, by Epic Games, Fortnite has been top-listed and is one of the most streamed games ever.

There are 3 distinct modes for Fortnite – Fortnite Save the world, Fortnite battle royale, Fortnite Sandbox mode.

Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild


How can I forget to include legends of Zelda when enlisting the best games to stream on Twitch TV.

Here you have a vast open world to explore. You can access Hyrule’s scenery by climbing, walking or paragliding.

One needs to fight the barriers caused by the weather and enemies. Released on March 3, 2017, the Legend of Zelda, a breath of the wild already has bagged in huge followers.

2) Games For The New Streamers

I have carefully sorted out some best games to stream for new streamers. Choose as per your preferred genre.

Dead By Daylight


Dead by daylight is for the streamers who want thrill and suspense in their game.

It includes action, adventure horror that focuses on the survival of the gamers till the end of the game which is a big challenge in the world of terror.



Probably no one has not played Minecraft once. It is a sandbox construction game by Markus Notch Persson and Mojang.

Here you can assemble, collect and destroy the sand blocks in a 3D procedurally generated ambiance.

Released in the year 2009, this game became one of the top-selling games ever.



Get back to the nostalgic childhood days with your glass marbles.

Now in this game, the glass marbles come in different sizes ranging from 1/3 inch to over 3 inches.

In this game, the players make the rules but there is a target marble. Thumbnail is used to flick the marbles and hit the target.

Animal Crossing – New Horizons

animal_crossinThis is one of the best games to stream for new streamers that I can suggest.

Here you are escaping to a deserted island and you will have to create your world.

You will get several customizing options as you explore the island full of natural resources.

Starcraft II


Starcraft II redefined the genre of real-time strategy. Conquer the galaxy by indulging in the intergalactic war.

Even today Starcraft II has huge viewers as it is a well made entertaining game in itself.

So, when you are searching for good games to stream on Twitch, Starcraft II is one of the best options.

Closing Up

If you have liked the best games to stream on Twitch I sorted out for you, leave me feedback in the comments section given below.

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