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5 Best Microphone Booster Software For 2022

If you are searching for some good microphone booster software, here is a list for you.

These software programs are free and user-friendly. They can boost the mic sound and have plenty of customizable features.

Now read through this article and choose a suitable mic booster software.

Best Microphone Booster Software

Here are some best audio booster software. Have a look!

1) Equalizer Apo

Equalizer Apo is a mic amplifier software that can adjust the parameters of your system’s sound output.

When you make changes using this software, it applies to all your installed audio playing or recording software.

Equalizer Apo comes with a pre-amplification tool to enhance the input sound signals.

Now check how to boost the mic volume with Equalizer Apo:

  • Go to the interface and click on the file option. Select New option.
  • Next click on the add button to add filter.add-button-equilizer-apo
  • For adding a pre-amplification panel on the interface, from the Basic Filters menu, select the Preamp option.


  • Now go to the Device panel and select the Selected Devices option.


  • Choose a proper name for the connected microphone.
  • You can boost the microphone volume using the Gain knob on the preamp panel.


  • Finally, save your profile in the TXT file format.

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2) Audacity

 Audacity is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux. It is an open-source, free audio editing software program that can be used as a mic booster software as well.

The microphone sensitivity can be adjusted using the slider during a recording.

You will be able to check the sound waves of your recorded audio on the interface.

There are plenty of options to edit the audio like speed changer, additional audio effects, audio cutting or pitch changing, and so on.

Now check how to use Audacity as microphone boost software:

  • After launching Audacity, start recording the sound by pressing the Recording button.


  • To boost the microphone volume, use the Recording Volume slider.


  • Check the sound waves to view the volume level. You can use the audio editing tools to edit the audio and stop the recording whenever you want. It is as simple as that.
  • Finally, click on the File option and export the edited audio in MP3, OGG, WAV, FLAC, M4A, and file format.

export-recording-audacity3) Voicemeeter

Voicemeeter is also another popular virtual audio mixer that is free.

It is compatible with your Windows only. With the help of Voicemeeter, you can enhance the sound of one virtual sound-generating software and 2 microphones.

Check how to use Voicemeeter as a mic booster software:

  • Launch Voicemeeter and choose one Hardware Input section.


  • Launch another third-party sound recording tool for recording the microphone audio.
  • With the help of the Fader Gain slider boost up the microphone volume.


  • For adjusting the input sound levels use the audibility knob.


  • Finally, save current settings in an XML file format from the Menu.

4) Expstudio Audio Editor

You can record audio and boost the mic volume with the help of this free audio editing tool.

You get a separate Recording section and a Playback section here along with other editing features like cutting, mixing and copying audio, silence, etc.

See how to use Expstudio Audio Editor as a microphone booster:

  • From the Expstudio Audio Editor interface click on the Recording button.


  • From the upper menu choose the recording device. Click on the record option and use the Master Volume knob to enhance the microphone sensitivity.


  • You can make use of plenty of audio editing tools to make changes.
  • To save your recorded audio go to File and click on Save as an option.


  • You can save in MP2, MP3, WAV, VOX, WMA, OGG, RAW, etc file formats.

5) Mic Note

Mic Note supports multiple OS like Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome.

You can create text notes and voice notes using Mic Note. There are options to include images in your notes.

The final note can be exported in TXT, MP3, PDF, and other file formats.

  • Open Mic Note and click on the Note. Select New Note.


  • Using the Gain Level slider you can boost the microphone volume.


  • To record the sound, the original interface and click on the Record button.


  • Finally, save your recording by clicking on the Save option.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

How do I boost my Microphone?

You can boost Microphone using boosting applications. Here we have listed the best of them so pick one an use it.

Why is my Mic so low?

If your mic is low, it can be incorrectly connected, positioned away from the source audio, or you might need a microphone boosting application for it.

How do I fix low mic volume?

The easiest way to fix low mic volume is to get boosters for microphone volume as listed in this article. Pick any of the software and use it to fix the low mic volume.

Closing Up

After going through the above article, hope you could select the perfect microphone booster for you.

Leave us feedback and feel free to share your questions with us.

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