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Why Can’t I Open Pictures On Facebook?

Facebook has become one of the major social media platforms over the years. Sharing images and videos, chatting, playing games or watching livestreams are some of the main features on Facebook.

Sharing pictures of your close moments or cherishing moments shared by others is a big part of the enjoyment Facebook provides.

When Facebook pictures don’t load, it basically takes away half the fun of the platform and not to forget how irritating it can be!


So, when you are wondering ‘Why can’t I open pictures on Facebook?’, remember that the causes for the Facebook pictures issue can be many. Here I have mentioned the possible causes of this issue and how you can fix it.

Why Can’t I Open Pictures On Facebook?

When you are unable to open or view photos on Facebook, then it can happen due to the following reasons:

  • Slow Internet Speed: One of the major causes for Facebook pictures issues is slow internet connection. If the internet connection is slow, then Facebook won’t be able to lead the picture.
  • Facebook Server issue: The cause of this problem may not be from your side. The issue can be happening to everyone using Facebook, and basically can be caused by a server issue.
  • Corrupted Cache: If the Facebook app cache becomes corrupted, then also you can see these kind of issues. If you open Facebook from your browser, then the browser cache can be the cause.
  • Picture is restricted: The image shared by the user can be limited to a small group and you are excluded. When this happens, you may be able to see the post description, but won’t be able to see the post.
  • Facebook’s data usage is restricted: There are settings in your phone that can prevent certain apps from using too much internet. If Facebook has restricted data usage, then it can cause this issue.
  • Outdated app: Using an outdated Facebook app can also cause this issue.

What To Do When Facebook Pictures Not Loading?

Now that you know the potential causes of this issue, here is how you can fix it.

Simply follow all the solutions provided below and the Facebook picture issues should get solved by the end of it.

Solution 1: Check Facebook Server Status

One of the first things you need to check is the server status of Facebook.

There is a possibility that the problem is caused by Facebook’s server and not from your side.

A good way to check it is asking people around you whether they are facing the same issue or not.

Make sure that you also ask people who are not connected to the same internet or using the same internet service provider.


You can also check other social media platforms for any news regarding Facebook’s server issue. Twitter is a good place to look for in such cases.

Another good way to check whether Facebook is having server issues is visiting the Downdetector site.

Solution 2: Check Internet Connection

The next thing you need to check is the internet connection you are using. For the image to load on Facebook, you need to have a stable internet with a decent enough speed.

If your internet is slow and not stable, then it can stop Facebook from showing pictures.

When Facebook is not showing pictures, check your internet connection and make sure it’s stable and fast enough. To check your internet speed, visit this website and run a speed check.


Once you have made sure that your internet is not the problem, then head over to the next solution.

However, if your internet speed is slow or internet is not working, then you will need to fix that first. Here are some reference articles that can help you fix it:

Solution 3: Clear Browser Cache

Once you have made sure your internet connection is not the issue, then it’s time to check whether corruption in the cache is causing it.

If you are using an internet browser to access Facebook, then try clearing the browser cache and see if it fixes this issue.

Note: Remember that clearing the entire browsing data will also delete your Bookmarks and any save autofill data. Backup the bookmarks and passwords before you proceed with this solution.

Here is how you can clear the browser data on Google Chrome:

  • Open Chrome and click on the 3 dots icon located on the top right corner.
  • Move the cursor to the History option.
  • Click on History from the pop up side menu.


  • Select Clear browsing data from the left side.


  • Once the window opens, click on Advanced and check all the boxes.
  • Change the Time Range to All time and click on Clear Data.


Here is how you can clear the browser data on Mozilla Firefox:

  • Open Firefox and click on the hamburger icon located on the top right corner.
  • Click on History from the menu and select the Clear recent history option.


  • Check all the boxes and change the Time Range to Everything.


  • Click on OK to start it.

Once all the browser data is cleared, check if still Facebook pictures are not loading.

Solution 4: Clear App Cache

If you are using Facebook from the Facebook app, then try clearing the app cache and see if it solves the pictures not loading on Facebook issue.

To clear the Facebook app cache on your Android, follow the steps given below.

  • Press and hold the Facebook app icon on your phone’s screen.
  • Wait for menu to pop up. Tap on the App info option.


  • Scroll down and look for the Clear cache or Clear Data option. If the option is not available directly, then check for any Storage option in the App info and you should find the option inside it.


  • Tap on the Clear Cache option and confirm it.


Try starting Facebook and see if the images are loading now or not. If they are not, then try clearing the entire app data.

This will log you out, so you will have to sign back in the next time.

  • Open the Facebook app info again.
  • Tap on the Clear data option, and then select Clear all data instead of Clear cache.


The issue should be fixed after clearing the data if it was caused by app corruption.

Solution 5: The Image Is Only Shared To Selected Individual

Facebook has a security feature that allows users to decide who can view their posts. Using this feature, the content can be made available for all, friends only, selected individuals, or excluding selected accounts.


If you are not able to view the phone and it says that the image was only shared for selected people, then you are basically not among the people selected for viewing the photo.

There is not much you can do in this case other than asking the owner of the image to include your account among those that can view the image.

Solution 6: Remove Data Usage Restrictions From Facebook

It is possible that you have unknowingly restricted data usage for Facebook. This is quite useful if you have limited data.

Using Facebook can be quite data costly, especially with it auto play video feature and loading of the high-quality images.

To prevent restriction of data on Facebook, follow the steps given below on your Android:

  • Press and hold the Facebook icon until the App info option appears. Tap on the App Info option.


  • Select the Restrict Data Usage option, or anything similar to it.


  • Make sure data is not restricted and click on OK.


Now Facebook should load the images without any issue.

Solution 7: Update The Facebook App

One last thing you can check is whether the Facebook app is outdated. Outdated apps can cause such issues and updating should easily fix it.

To update your Facebook app on your Android, follow the steps given below:

  • Open Google Play Store and search for Facebook.
  • Open the Facebook option among the listed apps.
  • Tap on the Update option to start update. Wait for the update to finish.


Once the update is finished, check if the issue persists.

Wrapping Up

So, there you have it. You should no longer be wondering “Why can’t I open pictures on Facebook” as the above solutions should help you fix it. If you have any more questions regarding this topic, simply ask us in the comment section and we will get back to you.

Sanmay Chakrabarti
Sanmay Chakrabarti
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