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How To Change Refresh Rate on Windows 10? – Ultimate Guide

Refresh rate means the number of times your monitor refreshes an image per second.

Sometimes by default the Monitor refresh rate is set to 60 but you can change the refresh rate on Windows 10 manually when the Windows 10 screen flickers.

So, fix it and other display-related problems. First and then carry on with Windows 10 change refresh rate.

Now let us see how to change the monitor refresh rate in a few steps.

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How To Change Monitor Refresh Rate On Windows 10?

The display refresh rate that you can select depends upon the applications you are using.

For your regular basic computing jobs, the ideal refresh rate is 60HZ.

But if you are up to some gaming, then you can change the refresh rate on Windows 10 to a higher refresh rate if your monitor supports that.

Follow the steps given below to know how to change the refresh rate:

  • Click on the Start Menu and open
  • Select System option as shown in the picture below.


  • From the left panel click on Display and scroll down to find Advanced Display Settings from the right pane.
  • Click on Advanced display settings. Under Display information, select Display adapter Properties for the Monitor you want to configure.


  • Click on the Monitor tab and find the Screen Refresh rate under Monitor Settings.


  • Click on the refresh rate drop-down menu and select a refresh rate as per your choice.

Remember that a higher refresh rate provides better speed and interaction but also consumes more power.

  • Click on the Apply button followed by OK to apply the changes.
  • Wait for Windows to make the changes.

Closing Up

So, there you are! Changing the refresh rate is that easy.

If you have more queries related to changing the refresh rate on Windows 10, ask it in the comments section provided below.

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