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Cortana Missing On Windows 10? – Easy Fixes

With a recent update of Windows 10, many users confronted difficulty when they found search bar as well as Cortana missing on Windows 10!

Now Cortana has been separated from the Windows search bar and in the future it will likely play an even lesser role in Windows.

If Cortana is missing on Windows 10 or if the Windows search bar is missing (they are no longer the same), here is how you can get them back.

So, keep reading!

What To Do When Cortana Is Missing On Windows 10?

Cortana provides a variety of features. It helps you keep track, set reminders, find facts, open apps, and what not!

Besides being a voice assistant, you can enter search, questions, and commands also!

There are many users that depend on Cortana and they have been most affected when Cortana goes missing.

So, here we have discussed what to do if the Windows Search bar or Cortana is missing on Windows 10.

Solution 1: Install Cortana From The Microsoft Store

If you have disabled or uninstalled Cortana from your PC somehow, then then you will not find the Cortana icon. So, first check if you have Cortana installed.

Click on the Start button and type Cortana. Now check if the app is there. If you cannot find Cortana then install it from the Microsoft store.

Just click on this link and install Cortana from Microsoft Store.

Solution 2:Check If Cortana And Search Bar Are Hidden

Windows provides you options to hide your search bar and Cortana. If both of these features are hidden, you won’t find them.

If Cortana icon or Cortana search bar is missing (now Windows Search bar), then check if they are simply hidden.

First, let me show you how you can check if Cortana is hidden and change it:

Right-click on your Taskbar. From the next window, click on the Show Cortana button if there is no arrow beside it.


After checking the Show Cortana button option, Cortana should come back in your Taskbar.


Now if Windows 10 search bar is missing, here is how you can check if it is hidden and change it:

Right-click on the Taskbar and then click on the Search option. From the next pop-up window select Show Search Box as shown in the picture.


The Windows 10 search bar should now return on your taskbar.


Solution 3: Use Search Shortcut

One easy workaround is using the Search shortcut keys. You can use shortcut keys on your keyboard to open the search bar on Windows 10.

Here is how you can do it:

Press Win + S hotkeys on your keyboard. The Search menu should open on your screen.


Alternatively, click on the Start button and type your search query. Windows will automatically start searching.


Solution 4: Tweak The Taskbar Settings

If you are using small taskbar buttons, which is a feature that uses smaller icons on the taskbar, then Windows search bar will disappear.


Changing back to normal taskbar icons will bring the search bar back. Follow the steps mentioned here to change back to normal taskbar icons:

Right-click on the Taskbar and then select Taskbar Settings. Disable the Use small taskbar buttons toggle.


This should bring back the Search box on your taskbar.


Solution 5: Enable Taskbar For All The Displays (Multiple Display Users)

If you are using multiple monitors, then the taskbar may be extended. So, enable the taskbar for all displays option to show the entirety of the taskbar in all the displays.

Follow the steps mentioned below to enable the taskbar for all displays:

Right-click on your taskbar and click on Taskbar Settings.


As the settings menu opens, scroll down to find Multiple displays unit. Turn off Show taskbar on all displays Now check if you can find the search bar.


Solution 6: Move Your Taskbar To The Bottom

We often customize the look of our desktop and some users also change the position of the Taskbar.

If you have changed the location of your Taskbar, you will find no search bar for Windows 10. Only the search icon may show if it’s not hidden from the taskbar settings.


Setting the Taskbar to its default location, the bottom of the screen, will bring back the Windows 10 search bar.

Follow the steps:

Open the Taskbar Settings and change the taskbar location on-screen to the bottom position.


Or simply click and drag the taskbar to the bottom.

Closing Up

I hope by performing the above steps, you now know what to do when the search bar and Cortana missing on Windows 10.

If you have any further suggestions, communicate with us by leaving a reply in the comments section provided below.

We always look forward to hearing from you.

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