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Fix: CSGO Not Launching Bug [Solved]

CSGO has remained one of the most played FPS game for over 9 years. Still the game has plenty of issue like crashing, lagging or not launching.

When your CSGO is not launching, don’t worry and simply follow the solutions we have mentioned here to fix it.

What To Do When CSGO Is Not Launching?

Follow the solutions we have given here thoroughly and you should be able to fix this issue.

Fix 1: Restart Your PC

Restarting your computer refreshes the system and helps to fix minor problems.

When CSGO doesn’t launch, try restarting your PC. After the restart, check if CSGO launches.

Fix 2: Perform A Clean Boot

CSGO won’t launch if other programs and services running in the background interfere with it.

Try running CSGO in a clean boot environment and see if it launches. Here is how you can do it:

  • Press Win + R to open the Run dialog box. Enter msconfig in the command box and click on OK.


  • On the System Configuration window, go to the Services tab and check the Hide all Microsoft Services box.
  • Next click on the Disable all option to disable all the running services.


  • Exit the window and right-click on your Taskbar. Click on Task Manager and go to the Startup tab.
  • Disable all the apps in the Startup tab by selecting each one and clicking on the Disable option.


  • Restart your PC.

Now try launching CS: GO and see if it does. If it does not launch, follow our next solution.

Fix 3: Verify The Integrity Of The Game Files

If the game files are corrupted or the game is not properly installed on your computer then CSGO won’t launch.

So, verify the integrity of your game files. Many users have suggested this solution when the game is having launching issues.

Follow the steps to verify the integrity of CSGO game files:

  • Open Steam and click on Library.
  • Scroll down to find Counter Strike Global Offensive from your game list and right-click on it. Select Properties.


  • Click on Local Files and select Verify Integrity of Game files as shown below.


  • Wait till the process gets completed. Exit window and try relaunching CSGO.

After the files are verified and downloaded, CSGO should launch without any issue.

Fix 4: Run Steam With Administrative Privileges

If Counter-Strike Global Offensive fails to access some game folders and files, CSGO won’t launch.

Try running CSGO as an administrator and see if it solves issue.

To do so, follow the given steps:

  • Right-click on the Steam shortcut icon and select the Run as administrator option.


  • Confirm by pressing the Yes
  • Open Steam game Library and try launching CSGO from here and not from the game shortcut.

If you still cannot launch CSGO, try the next solution.

Fix 5: Update Graphics Driver

Outdated graphics driver can create various issues, especially with games.

So, when CSGO fails to launch, check if your graphics drivers are up to date and update them if they aren’t. Here is how you can do it:

  • Press Win + R hotkeys on your keyboard and open the Run dialog box.
  • Enter devmgmt.msc in the command box and click on the OK button.


  • Next select Display adapters from the list. Right-click on your graphics driver.
  • Click on the Update driver option.


  • From the next window, select Search automatically for drivers option.


Windows will start searching for the latest available drivers.

Let the process finish. Restart your computer and try launching CSGO now.

Fix 6: Underclock Your CPU

Overclocking boosts up your gaming performance.

But pushing it too high may raise problems and lead to game crashes, like CSGO crashing or even prevent games from not launching, like the current situation.

When you overclock, it results in huge power consumption, and that may overheat the system.

So, stop overlocking and check if you trigger CSGO launching issues again.

Fix 7: Reinstall You Game

If none of the above fixes could help you launch CSGO, then reinstall the game.

To uninstall CSGO, follow the process described below:

  • Open Steam and click on Library.
  • Find Counter-Strike: GO and right-click on it. Go to the Manage option and click on Uninstall.


  • Right-click on CSGO again and select the Install option.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and wait for the game to finish installing.

Try launching the game and hope this time it will launch without any issues.

Closing Up

So, there you have it. Now you know what to do when CSGO is not launching on your computer.

If you have found the solutions helpful, then leave us a reply in the comment section.

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