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Fix: Discord Is Using Too Much CPU [Solved]

Most gamers prefer to use this popular voice and chat app but sometimes it gives trouble by eating up too much of your CPU.

This can happen due to various reasons and with a few tweaks, you can easily resolve the problem.

Today, I will help you figure out why Discord is using too much CPU and what are the solutions to fix it.

What To Do When Discord Using Too Much CPU?

Here is what to do when Discord uses too much CPU in detail. Follow the steps and make Discord use less CPU.

1) Disable Or Enable Hardware Acceleration

Hardware acceleration uses GPU for encoding and decoding videos efficiently.

But hardware acceleration features can also be responsible for various errors and bugs.  In case it is not compatible with your GPU, you may confront a problem.

Check if your hardware acceleration is enabled.

For many users disabling their hardware acceleration worked for Discord’s high CPU usage. Whereas, some users recommended turning it on if disabled.

Now follow the steps mentioned below to turn on or off hardware acceleration.

  • Open the Discord app and click on the User Settings or the gear icon as shown in the picture below.


If you cannot open Discord and get to see a plain background, then read this article first.

  • After opening User Settings, select Voice & Video from the left panel.
  • From the right pane, find Hardware Acceleration. Now check if the feature is disabled. Enable it by clicking on it. Finish the process by clicking on the OK button.


  • If the hardware acceleration feature is enabled, then turn it off and check if this solves your problem.

2) Disable Echo Cancellation And Noise Reduction Features

Echo cancellation and noise reduction features help to filter the voice echo and background sounds during calls in Discord.

But these two features use some amount of your CPU. So, turn these features off when you don’t need them.

Now let us check how to make discord use less CPU by disabling Echo cancellation and Noise reduction features:

  • Open Discord Settings and click on Voice & Video option. Scroll down to find Voice Processing section.
  • Disable Echo cancellation and Noise reduction features.


  • Close the window after you make the changes and relaunch Discord.

3) Reinstall Discord App

If no other process has helped you lower Discord high CPU usage, then fresh install Discord.

There may be a problem with the current version and it is taking up much of the resources, so, downloading a fresh version of Discord can solve the problem.

Many of the users have instantly fixed their problems this way. Hope it should solve yours too.

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Closing Up

So, there you go! So, you have already known why Discord is using too much CPU and how to fix the problem.

For more queries, reply to us in the comments section below and stay connected.

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