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Do Ethernet Cables Have Different Speeds?

Wired connections provide much faster speed and lower latency than Wireless network connections.

Users always intend to buy high-speed Ethernet cables to enjoy faster network transmissions.

But do Ethernet cables affect the network? Are some Ethernet cables faster than others? Follow this article to know all these answers.

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Are Some Ethernet Cables Faster Than Others?

With new iterations arising every few years, Ethernet cables keep changing, and here we have categorized them as per their features. Have a look!



Cat5 is the oldest type of Ethernet cable. This is the first fast Ethernet cable introduced that supported 10Mega bits per second and 100 Mbps speed with up to 100MHZ bandwidth.

With the introduction of the latest technologies, it is hard to find these types of cables nowadays.



Cat5e is the enhanced version of the older Cat5 Ethernet cables.

This supports 1000Mbps and provides a much faster networking experience than Cat5.

Cat5e is said to decrease the crosstalk or the electromagnetic interference between the two wires inside a cable.



Cat6 can provide a much faster and better experience than older Cat5e Ethernet cables.

Its maximum speed is 250MHz. This type of cable is introduced with thinner wires and better insulation and is capable of 10 gigabytes to 55 meters at speed under ideal conditions.

Cat6 is suitable for environments having higher crosstalk and comes in two varieties – STP or Shielded Twisted Pair and UTP or Unshielded Twisted Pair.



Cat6A allows 10Gbps up to 100 meters, and the speed is at least 500MHz.

Cat6A is available in STP forms and is ideal for industrial purposes.

It is an enhanced version of Cat6 Ethernet cables and provides much better speed.



Cat7 can provide up to 10Gbps with a bandwidth of up to 600 MHz for 100m.

It comes in STP forms and is said to eliminate crosstalk. It is highly popular in data centers.



Cat8 is the latest iteration of Ethernet cables that provides 40Gbps for 20 meters and supports bandwidth up to 2000MHz.

It is the fastest Ethernet cable yet and reduces latency for a high-quality experience.

With each iteration of Ethernet cables, the construction and speed change, eliminating crosstalk.

The Cat8, Cat7, and Cat6e versions use screen shields and aluminum foil to reduce electromagnetic interference, and they provide better performance.

The following table will show you the types of Ethernet cables with their speed and bandwidth:

Ethernet Cables Bandwidth Speed
Cat5 100MHz 10 to 100Mbps
Cat5e 100MHz 1000Mbps to 1 Gbps
Cat6 250MHz 10Gbps
Cat6a 500MHz 10Gbps
Cat7 600MHz 100Gbps
Cat8 2000MHz 40Gbps

Why Is My Wired Connection So Slow?

Your wired connection can get slow if it is damaged o you have selected the wrong type. A damaged Ethernet cable will cause latency.

For example, for an internet connection faster than 100 Mbps, you should use Ethernet cables Cat5e or Cat6 for connections between 200Mbps or 1 Gbps.

So, if you find your Ethernet slow, change your Ethernet cable.

You should select the category of cable wisely. The higher the category, the faster the cable is.

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Is It Worth Upgrading Ethernet Cables And My System?

Internet speed depends upon various factors other than Ethernet cables. While using the internal network, the choice of cables can make a difference.

To get faster gigabit speeds, you will require compatible network cards and routers on your PC, along with Ethernet cables.

Modern routers and cards can get these speeds, but the older routers or PCs will need upgradation.

Coming to the Ethernet cables, Cat6 or Cat5e are good enough for your home use, but for data centers, you will require faster speed. For that, you can choose Cat7 or Cat8 Ethernet cables.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

  1. Which is the fastest Ethernet cable?

Cat8 is the fastest Ethernet cable you can get right now.

These cables come with shielding that blocks data slowing data-slowing interference by suppressing crosstalk to improve the overall performance.

  1. Is 5G faster than Ethernet?

5G is said to provide faster than some Ethernet connections like 10mps or 100 MPs.

But Ethernet connections always provide a strong connection as it does not depend upon the frequency bands for the internet.

  1. Is Cat8 Ethernet cable good for gaming?

Yes, the Cat8 Ethernet cable is good for gaming. It is flexible, durable, and provides high data speed.

Closing Up

So, Ethernet cables come in varied types and speeds as well. For faster speed, you should choose the latest available Ethernet cable.

If you have more related queries, ask us in the comments section provided below.

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