Does Facebook Notify Screenshots? [Latest News]

A majority of the population across the Globe is still comfortable using Facebook (now Meta) compared to other social media platforms.

Facebook has always been a significant platform for communication.

However many users are often frantic when it comes to protecting their privacy on Facebook and they are eager to know if Facebook notifies screenshots.

So, does Facebook notify screenshots? Check this article to get the answer.

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Does Facebook Notify Screenshots?

Now we are going to discuss whether Facebook sends any kind of notification about screenshots and check how to protect our documents on Facebook in detail.

Can You Screenshot Facebook Stories?

So, can you see if someone screenshots your Facebook story? The screenshot is a tempting feature whenever it comes to an exciting picture or meme, saving something quickly for future reference, and so on.

But when it is a question to get notified about the screenshots on Facebook, the emphatic answer to this question is ‘No’.

If someone takes screenshots of your Facebook stories or pictures you won’t get notified.

So, does Facebook notify when you screenshot a story? Or can someone see if you screenshot their Facebook story? This is also a big ‘No’.

Similarly, nobody is going to be notified if you screenshot from someone else’s Facebook page, unlike Snapchat or Instagram.

Instagram sends a notification if someone takes a screenshot of a picture sent privately to them whereas Snapchat sends you a prompt notification whenever a screenshot is taken.

Notifications For Facebook Messenger Users

The good news is, Mark Zuckerberg, the chief executive officer and co-founder of Facebook, has introduced screenshot notifications for Facebook messenger.

Now users will get a notification if someone screenshots the disappearing messages making the privacy & security on the giant platform much stronger.

But this is only meant for the end-to-end encrypted messages like that on your WhatsApp.


This E2E feature was introduced to add an extra layer of security against prying eyes.

In addition to this Meta has also introduced a bunch of new features to secure your Facebook Messenger.

Messenger has introduced a typing indicator for their encrypted 1:1 or group chats. To enrich the messenger, it has also added stickers and GIFs.

How Can I Protect My Pictures On Facebook?

What are the safety measures you can take on Facebook to provide you the utmost protection?

Nobody wants their pictures or images shared on Facebook to reach unexpected users and get mishandled.

So, you can choose to lock your profile, use a profile picture guard to protect the profile picture on Facebook.

Or you can also tweak Facebook settings to make all your posts personal.

Now let us discuss how to do so.

1) Lock Your Profile

If you do not want anyone who is not a Facebook friend of yours to peep into your account, then lock your profile.

To do that, follow the steps as mentioned:

  • Click on the Menu button- the three horizontal lines at the top right corner.
  • Select Settings & Privacy option and then on Settings.


  • Scroll down and under the Audience and Visibility section, tap on Profile Locking.


  • From the next window select your choice from the three options as shown below.


Finally, click on the lock your profile option. Now to use the profile picture guard option, go to the next step.

2) Use Profile Picture Guard

Using a profile picture guard you can protect your Facebook profile picture and nobody can download or share it. This feature also disables users from tagging in accounts.

Now if you still haven’t used this feature, check the steps how to do it:

Please note: If your profile is locked then this feature is not going to work.

So, unlock it and then perform the steps. After completing your action you can again lock the profile.

  • Go to the Facebook home page and tap on your profile picture.
  • From the given options select Turn on the profile picture guard option.


  • Tap on the Next button and then Save.


3) Select Privacy Option

You can also tweak Facebook settings and use the privacy feature to further protect your data on Facebook.

Check the steps given below to do it:

  • Go to your Facebook profile and tap on the Photos. Choose a photo to upload.
  • Now you have options to make it Public where anyone can see it, or choose Friends.
  • You can also exclude a few friends to view the photos by clicking on the Friends except… option.
  • You may choose the Specific friends option or if want to keep everything personal for you, tap on Only me.


Closing Up

So, does Facebook notify screenshots? Hope you got your answer from the above article. If you have any other tech-related issues, send us the details in the reply section.

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