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When Is Elden Ring DLC Releasing? [UPDATED]

Ever since the news spun a slew of rumors about the upcoming Elden Ring DLC, players are sitting cross-fingered waiting eagerly for the release.

But let us scrutinize the possibilities of this DLC in detail. Have a look!

What Is The Buzz About Elden Ring DLC?

Bandai Namco Entertainment which published Elden Ring in 2022 faced a cyber attack by a ransomware group known as ALPHV which has now tons of Namco’s confidential data.

This unauthorized access to Namco’s holdings Inc was confirmed by VX underground on Twitter on July 11, 2022.


The leak got circulated just a day after the cyber attack.

The attacker claims to have various internal documents including some photographs having information about various Dragon Ball projects, Tekken 8, and Elden Ring DLC.

The reported Elden Ring leak included a DLC called Barbarians of the Badlands.


Based on this, various speculations suggest that the Elden Ring DLC may get a release in late 2023.

But there is no official confirmation from FromSoftware to date but possibilities are endless.

Also know how to swim in Elden Ring.

Will Elden Ring Ever Have A DLC?

So, will Elden Ring have DLC? There is no official declaration to date from Bandai Namco or FromSoftware about releasing any DLC.

However, FromSoftware has released DLCs for its previous titles. Bloodbourne, Sekiro, and Dark Souls all got a content update and hefty post-launch support.


In the press release the CEO and President of Bandai Namco Entertainment Yasuo Miyakawa has mentioned about “Expanding the brand beyond the game itself”.

Expected Number Of DLCs For Elden Ring

This is really hard to say but if we look back FromSoftware released 1 DLC for Dark Souls, and 2 DLCs Dark Souls 2 & 3 each.


Bloodbourne had 1 official DLC released but players could find new bosses & monsters years after its release.

So, it cannot be said how many DLCs will be released for Elden Ring.

But we can expect that Bandai Namco will spend a good deal for rolling with more and more content for a popular game like Elden Ring. But that is too is a complete guess!

As for the location of DLC, the fans speculated that the fogged-over areas in the Center of the  Lands Between, or the center of the colosseums.


But there is no evidence of such expectations. Another point is that Elden Ring has already run an eighteen-month of the development cycle.

If we consider Dark Souls, the DLC got released within 8 months.

Although Elden Ring is bigger, 18 months is way too long for the DLC release.

But there is no exact pattern of releasing DLCs and so, Elden Ring may have post-launched DLC content.

So, nothing is impossible and gamers are looking forward to a DLC release of such a best-selling title as Elden Ring.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Here are some questions asked by the gamers interested in Elden Ring DLC. Check these out:

  1. Is there going to be a DLC for Elden Ring?

FromSoftware or Bandai Namco Entertainment has not yet announced anything about the release of Elden Ring DLC.

But after a cyber attack by a ransomware group, the news got leaked that there is likely to be a DLC for the game.

  1. How long is Elden Ring DLC?

Elden Ring is one of the biggest games to date. If the DLC is small in size then it may arrive soon.

But as the game is bigger so we can expect a standard-size DLC from FromSoftware. This can take a few more months.

  1. How much will the Elden Ring DLC cost?

There is no official announcement of the release of Elden Ring DLC. But the previous DLC from dark Souls was priced around $ 10 – $15.

The complete package for each game cost around $20 to $30. I Hope Elden Ring DLC will be priced around these.

Closing Up

We will update you if we get any official information from FromSoftware or Bandai Namco Entertainment regarding the release of Elden Ring DLC.

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