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Fix: Errors Com EpicGames Fortnite Invaild_Platform

If you are logged into many consoles using the same account, then you may get error.

The consoles save your login details and use that whenever you log in. If any issue occurs with this game’s database then you get such kinds of errors.

This error will prevent you to log in to Epic Games and start playing Fortnite.

So, if you are unable to log in and cannot play Fortnite, check the solutions given in today’s article to fix the issue.

What To Do To Fix Errors Com Epic Games Fortnite Invaild_Platform?

Follow the solutions discussed below to when you cannot log in to the Epic games to play Fortnite.

1) Restart The Device

Sometimes a simple restart can fix minor technical glitches that can be responsible for the errors on Epic Games.

So, restart the device on which you want to play Fortnite and again.

2) Make Sure The Network Connection Is Stable

You should have a stable internet connection to play the game. So, when you get such errors, make sure that your internet connection is stable.

You can check the internet speed from here. Or there are various other websites to check the internet speed.

If you find there is no problem with the internet connection, check Epic Games server status.

3) Check Fortnite Server Status

Check Epic game’s server status page to ensure that all the systems are operational.

Sometimes due to an outage you may experience errors on the epic game platforms.

If there is any problem with the server then wait for some time and then launch the game once again.

So, visit Epic game’s server status page and check if there is an ongoing issue with Fortnite.


If Fortnite is not operational and having issues, wait for some time till the system is operational once again.

4) Restart The Launcher And The Game

Sometimes restarting the game launcher can also fix errors on Epic games.

  • If you are into the game, press the Esc key to exit the game menu. Next, confirm to quit the game.
  • Close the Epic game launcher by clicking on the X button. If you are unable to close the launcher, minimize the launcher to the system tray.


  • Then right-click on the Taskbar and choose Task Manager. You may also press Ctrl + Alt + Delete keys to open Task manager.


  • Scroll down to find Epic Games launcher and right-click on it. Choose the End task option. This will terminate the task.
  • Open the launcher again and restart Fortnite. If you again get the same error, move on to the next solution.

If you are logged in to multiple consoles using the same account, log out of all the devices and then log in back from one console and launch the game.

5) Disconnect Your Account From The Console

If you are getting Epic Games Fortnite invalid_platform error on your Xbox or PS4 game consoles, disconnect the account from the console.

To do that, follow the step given below:

  • Visit Epic Games’ official page from your web browser. Hover your cursor over your account icon.
  • Click on Account and then select Connections from the left sidebar.


  • If you are not signed in, then sign in to the epic games first and then choose account & connections options.
  • Choose Account from the left panel.


  • To unlink from the consoles your account I connected to, click on the Disconnect option.


  • From the next pop-up window, check all the boxes and finally click on the Unlink button.


6) Turn On Or Off VPN

To avoid Geological restrictions some users prefer to use a VPN service while playing games.

But this may sometimes prevent Epic Games to function properly and show you errors. So, turn off your VPN service and check if the problem is solved.

In case you are not using a VPN service, try using it and check if this helps.

7) Create A New Account

If the above steps did not solve the problem, register a new account to play Fortnite.

But note that you will lose all the game progress and achievements of the previous account.

To register to a new account, follow the steps given below:

  • Open the Epic Games website and click on the sign-in option.


  • Now a window will open asking how you want to sign in to your Epic games account. Click on the Signup button at the end.


  • Enter your credentials and then create an account.
  • Install Fortnite and try to run the game. This time you should not get any error.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

  1. Why does my Fortnite keep saying error?

Fortnite keeps saying error if your system does not meet the minimum system requirements or if you do not have a stable internet connection.

Game server status, VPN service, and logging into too many gaming consoles from the same account can also errors give errors.

  1. How do I fix all errors with the Epic games launcher?

Check the server status, disable full-screen optimization, update graphics drivers, and reinstall the Epic games launcher.

  1. How do I fix Epic games invalid client?

Restart the game, restart the Epic Games Store application, check the game server status, and create a new account.

Final Words

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