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[Solved] Ethernet Not Working! – Fix Your Ethernet With These Methods

Internet issues are something we all face. Ethernet is the fastest way to use your internet, so it can become frustrating when it doesn’t work, but the Wi-Fi does. If your ethernet is not working, it can be due to several reasons, and most of us have come across it.

Here is a detailed guide on things you can do and things you need to check when your ethernet connection is not working.

What To Do When Ethernet Not Working?

Ethernet connection not working can be linked to many different issues. Try the following solutions and you should find the solution for this issue.

Solution 1: Disable Wi-Fi

If your PC or laptop is connected to the internet through Wi-Fi, first disable it and then see if ethernet works. Sometimes, if connected to the Wi-Fi, Windows may give the wireless connection more preference over the direct one.

Here is how you can turn off Wi-Fi in Windows 10:

  • Type Wi-Fi in the search menu and select the Wi-Fi Settings. Turn off the Wi-Fi toggle.


After Wi-Fi is disabled, check if the ethernet connection works or not. Try the next solution if the issue persists.

Solution 2: Check If The Ethernet Adapter Is Enabled

The next thing you need to check is whether the ethernet adapter is enabled. If the ethernet adapter is disabled, your ethernet connection won’t work. Here is how you can check it:

Press the Windows + R keys to open the Run tool. Type ncpa.cpl in the box and press Enter. This will open the Network Connections window.


Right-click on the ethernet adapter and select the Enable option.


If you find the Disable option instead, it means that the ethernet adapter was already enabled. Click on the Disable option in this case to disable the adapter first. After the adapter is disabled, enable it. This workaround is known to fix connection issues.

Solution 3: Run The Network Troubleshooter

If the above two solutions didn’t help you, then the next course of action is to run the network troubleshooter. The network troubleshooter is a Windows tool for checking and fixing of network issues. Here is how you can run it:

Type Troubleshoot in the search bar and select the Troubleshoot Settings option. Click on the Additional Troubleshooters option next.


Click on Internet Connections and run the troubleshooter. Follow the on-screen instructions.


If no issue is found, try running the Network Adapter troubleshooter, located in the Find and fix other problems section.


Follow the instructions and see if any issue is found. Hopefully, running the network troubleshooters will give you some idea of the cause, or in the best scenario, fix it.

Solution 4: Reinstall Network Drivers

Network driver corruption can also be the cause of your ethernet connection not working. Reinstalling the network drivers should fix it in such a case. Here is how you can reinstall the network drivers:

Open the Run tool again and type devmgmt.msc. Press Enter to open Device Manager.


Expand the Network Adapters and right-click on the ethernet driver. Select the Uninstall option. Follow the instructions on your screen to complete the process.


After the driver has uninstalled, restart your PC. The restart will allow Windows to reinstall the ethernet driver during the next boot. Check if the ethernet is working or not after the PC restarts.

Solution 5: Check The Ethernet Cable

A malfunctioning ethernet cable can also be the cause of this issue. Check if the ethernet cable is not working. You can do that by removing the cable and connecting it with one of your friends or any relatives’ PC, on a different internet connection. If the ethernet connection stops working the moment you connect this cable, then the ethernet cable is not working and you will need to get a new one.

Solution 6: Check The Ethernet Port

If the ethernet cable is working for other PCs, the issue may be with your PC’s ethernet port. It is possible that your ethernet port is not working, which is leading to this issue. Try connecting the ethernet cable to another ethernet port. If the internet works, then you have found the problem.


Solution 7: Check For Windows Corruption

One of the overlooked causes of internet issues is Windows corruption. Many people overlook the role of Windows when it comes to network related issues. But it extremely plausible that your Windows has become corrupted and preventing your PC from connecting directly with ethernet.

In such cases, you will have to reinstall your Windows. If you have a Live Linux Disc, you can boot from it to confirm whether the issue is limited to your Windows or other OS.

Closing Up

Internet issues are not uncommon. They are part of life for many of us and there is always a fix for it. The above solutions should help you when your ethernet is not working. Do leave your feedback on this article in the comment section below.

Sanmay Chakrabarti
Sanmay Chakrabarti
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