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Why External Hard Drive Won’t Safely Eject From The Device?

Often we get issues while removing an external hard drive safely from the device.

This issue mainly happens while other processes are still using the files or contents of that flash drive

If you have also come across the same problem and thinking “Why can’t I eject my external hard drive?” then here are the solutions to do so.

Check what to do when the external hard drive won’t eject safely from a computer.

What To Do When External Hard Drive Won’t Eject Safely?

Here are the solutions that you can perform easily when the external hard drive won’t eject safely from your system.

1) Troubleshoot Your External Hard Drive

Windows provides you with built-in troubleshooters to troubleshoot issues with your computer.

So, troubleshoot the external hard drive and eject it safely.

  • Go to Start Menu and enter Control Panel in the search box. Click on Devices & Printers option.


  • Find you USB device and right-click on it. Select the Troubleshoot option as shown in the picture below.


  • Wait till Windows fixes the issue and then try to eject your external hard drive from the PC.

2) End Tasks Using Task Manager

If an application is using the files on the hard drive, then the hard drive won’t eject.

It is hard to detect the apps that are using the contents from the external drive, so you can terminate the tasks of some suspicious programs and check if this helps you to eject the hard drive.

Now follow the process to do so:

  • Right-click on your Taskbar and select Task Manager from the options.


  • Now all the running tasks will get displayed.
  • Right-click on a program and select the End task option to terminate the process.


  • After ending few suspicious tasks, check if you can safely eject your USB drive from your computer.

3) Use Disk Management Tool To Eject External Hard Drive

You can use the disk management tool for ejecting the external hard drive from your system.

This is a built-in tool that manages the drives connected to your system.

Now follow the process to eject the external hard drive using disk management tool:

  • Launch Run the utility and enter diskmgmt.msc in the command box and press the Enter key.


  • From the Disk Management Window, find the hard drive you want to eject.


  • Right-click on the external hard drive and select the Offline option.
  • Check if you can safely remove the external hard drive now.
  • Make sure when you use an external hard drive again, enter disk management and set its status to online to use it.

4) Update USB Drivers

If your USB drivers are outdated then this can be the reason why you can’t safely eject your external hard drive from your system.

You should keep your USB drivers updated to avoid these sorts of problems.

So, follow the steps to update the USB drivers:

  • Right click on the Start Menu and select Device Manager.
  • Now scroll down to find Universal Serial Bus Controllers section and right-click on it.


  • Select Update Driver option as shown in the picture below.


Let the process get completed. Now this should solve your problem.

Closing Up

There you have it. Now you know what to do when an external hard drive won’t eject safely from your PC. For further queries, comment in the reply box provided below.

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