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How To Find Social Media By Phone Number?

Sometimes for safety reasons, we may want to get details of a specific person.

From simply knowing a friend, checking the identity of someone on the contact list, before going out for a date to spying over your kids or spouse, we want to check their details.

Now in this article, I am going to discuss how we can find someone’s social media by phone number. Now, this is very interesting, so, keep reading.

We have shown a VIDEO walk through at the end of the post for easy solution.

How To Find Social Media By Phone Number?

Here I am going to describe three ways to find social media using their phone number and also how to get details of the specific person you want to know.

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1) Search On Social Media Platforms

The social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter can be an easy way to find a person.

Sometimes the phone numbers are given in the public info and you can easily find them from their profiles.

To search social media by phone number, you just need to enter the number in the search bar of the social media and press the Enter key.

Twitter and Facebook provide a search bar to search with names or numbers.

But if you cannot do so, then we have more options. Follow the next steps.

2) Browse Through The Contact List

Most social media platforms provide a contact syncing feature.

With the help of this feature, you can browse through your contact list and check the profiles associated with those phone numbers.

Here I am showing you the process to sync your friend’s list with your contact numbers on Instagram. Follow the steps:

  • First of all, add your friend’s phone number to your contact list.
  • Next open Instagram and tap on your profile picture. Select Settings.instagram-settings
  • Next tap on the Account option and then on Contact Syncing.


  • Turn on the toggle button for Connect Contacts. Now allow Instagram to access your contacts and the contacts will start syncing. Wait till the process gets completed.


The steps may be a little different for other media platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

You can try those steps accordingly and this will help you in accessing the social profile data by phone number for free.

3) Use A Phone Look-Up Service

If you could not complete social media search by phone number, then there are many lookup tools to do the job.

With the help of these services, you can track your friend’s social media account.  But some of your friends can hide their details on social media platforms to maintain their privacy.

Using proper lookup tools you can find a friend’s social media by phone number.

It is a special search engine to give you the details of the public records stored.

You will get detailed information about the specific person like age, gender, address, email ID, social media accounts, marital status, and many other details.

Now check the steps given below to use a phone look-up service.

Just go to the search box and enter the specific person’s phone number. Then click on the Search Now or Search button.


Let the app work and find out the details. After accessing the entire report through the person’s phone number, check the social media profiles of the person.

Remember, that searching through social media by phone numbers may not always be free. You may need to pay to get the full information.

Here are a list of some social media accounts that your Phone lookup app may discover:

Twitter:  You will get to know about the people’s viewpoints from what they tweet or share.

Facebook: This leading social media platform will disclose various kinds of social and personal information related to the person.

Instagram: Instagram is trendy and picture-based. You will discover the person’s identity and preferences based on these.

Snapchat: For fun, people incline towards using a Snapchat account. You may get some more additional details from this account.

Closing Up

So no you know how to find social media by phone number. For any further details contact us in the comments section below.

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