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Fix: Steam Black Screen Bug

It is annoying when Steam doesn’t load properly and shows you a black screen.

Many users have come across this awful situation and today I am going to discuss all feasible solutions to get rid of this Steam black screen!

How To Get Rid Of Steam Black Screen?

Before you perform the methods, I suggest you restart your PC.

This will refresh the operating system, removing any corrupted temporary data that may have caused this issue.

If the restart doesn’t fix the Steam black screen, go through all the solutions given below.

Fix 1: Update Graphics Drivers

An outdated graphics driver often creates problems and affects performance.

Your drivers may be bugged, and this may lead to system errors, lags.

So, when you are getting the Steam app black screen, I recommend updating your drivers. Follow the steps mentioned below to do so:

  • Go to the Start menu and enter Device Manager. Click on the Device Manager option to open it.
  • Now double click on the Display Adapters. Right-click on the graphics driver and select the Update Driver option as shown in the picture.


  • Now click on Search Automatically For Drivers option. Windows will now start searching for the latest available drivers for you.


Wait till the drivers get uploaded. Give a fresh restart to your PC and see if Steam shows a black screen.

Fix 2: Delete Steam Cache

The app cache stores the temporary data related to your Steam setups and apps.

This ensures that things will be faster the next time you open Steam.

App cache may also save the bug leading to the Steam library black screen.

So, you should delete the cache and check if this helps.

Now follow the steps mentioned below to delete the app cache folder:

  • Right-click on the Steam shortcut and select Open file location.


  • Find the App cache folder and copy this to some safe location for a backup.
  • Now right click on the app ache folder and click on Delete.


  • Relaunch Steam and check if everything is working fine now.

If the problem is solved then you can delete the backup app cache folder as a fresh one got created in its place.

Fix 3: Delete Browser Cache

The built-in browser of the Steam desktop client shows detail of games available on the store.

Steam doesn’t clear this browser cache automatically and this accumulated cache may create Steam loading errors.

For this reason, you may face Steam browser black screen!

Follow the steps mentioned below to clean this Steam web browser cache.

  • Open your Steam client and click on Steam. Now expand Settings.


  • From the Settings window select Web Browser and click on Delete Web Browser as shown in the picture below.


  • After the process gets finished, click on Delete All Browser Cookies and press the OK button after the process gets completed.


Check if your Steam client is running normally now without having issues. If you still have the problem, follow our next method.

Fix 4: Close Steamwebhelper Executable From The Task Manager

Many users have suggested ending the task of the Steamwebhelper executable file to get rid of the black screen.

So, try the process given below and see if this helps:

  • Right-click on the taskbar and select Task Manager from the given options.


  • Now go to the Details tab and select steamwebhelper.exe.
  • Right-click on all the steamwebhelper.exe files one by one and click on the End task option.


  • Relaunch Steam and check if you can launch Steam without a Steam library black screen.

Fix 5: Add -no-cef-sandbox Command In The Steam Shortcut

If no other process has worked for you and your Steam is still gets stuck on a black screen, try adding -no-cef-sandbox command in your Steam shortcut.

This will hopefully help Steam to load without a black screen.

  • Many users said to have solved their problem with the help of this.
  • Right-click on the Steam shortcut on your desktop and expand its Properties.


  • Now go to the Shortcut tab and go to the Target section. Enter -no-cef-sandbox at the end and hit the Apply option followed by OK.


  • Now relaunch Steam and check if everything works correctly.

Fix 6: Reinstall Steam

If the above processes could not solve Steam library black screen bug, then re-install Steam.

But before you proceed, move the Steamapps folder located in the Steam installation folder, to another drive.

Else you will have to re-download and install all your games after re-installing Steam.

After you finish the reinstallation process, move to this Steamapps folder.

Now follow the process to uninstall Steam.

  • Go to the Start menu and enter Control Panel in the search box.
  • Select Control Panel and click on the Programs and Features section.


  • Locate Steam under Uninstall or change a program section.


  • Right-click on Steam and click on the Uninstall option. Follow the on-your-screen instructions.
  • Now click here and reinstall Steam from its official download page and you are done.

This should solve the problem now.

Closing up

Hopefully you will not get a Steam black screen after following the above processes and can enjoy playing your favorite games.

Leave us a reply if the above methods helped you to resolve the problem.

We always look forward to hearing from you.

Sanchita Das
Creative and focused. Always ready to learn new techniques and improvise accordingly. Loves to meet new challenges and explore new possibilities.

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