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FIX: Fortnite Stuck While Checking For Updates [2022]

Fortnite may get stuck while checking for updates and the game may freeze or show you a blue screen with the ‘Checking for update’ message.

This mostly happens when a new game update is live or about to release.

The game client cannot finish the download and as a result, you are unable to start the game.

Fortunately, you can get rid of this ‘Checking for updates’ message and complete the download using the solutions discussed in this article.

How To Fix If Fortnite Got Stuck While Checking For Updates?

Now let us discuss what to do when Fortnite gets stuck while checking for updates.

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1) Make Sure You Have A Stable Internet Connection 

When you get a Fortnite update error on Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, or PC, first of all, check that you are having a stable internet connection.

So check that your device is properly connected to the internet.

Often it is seen that a poor network is responsible for these kinds of problems.

An unstable network connection prevents Fortnite from downloading the latest game updates.

If your Wi-Fi is not working somehow, then you will have to fix it first and then try to re-download the game updates.

2) Restart Your Router Or Modem 


You can also restart your Router or Modem freshly when Fortnite is stuck on checking for updates.

This can solve the problem. So follow the steps to restart your modem or router:

  • Turn off your router or modem and detach it from the device. Keep it disconnected for 10-15 minutes.
  • Then reconnect it and turn it on. Now restart your device and check if this time Fortnite gets stuck while updating.

If you again get the same error, then move on to our next solution.

3) Check Fortnite’s Server Status 

If you find that there is no problem with your internet connection but still Fortnite checking for updates is stuck, then check the game’s server.

If the server is down, then you will not be able to enter the game and it will remain stuck with the checking for updates message.

So, visit Fortnite’s Official Twitter handle page and check the server status.

4) Disable The Firewall

If still Fortnite is stuck on checking for updates, then check that your Firewall is not interfering with the ongoing update.

Sometimes the Firewall can be overprotective and prevent the game from downloading the updates.

So, disable your Firewall temporarily and then resume your download. To disable the Firewall protection, check the steps given below:

  • Go to the Windows search box and enter Windows Defender Firewall. Select the top option.


  • Next click on Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off option on the left side.


  • Under Customize settings for each type of network section, click on the radio buttons for Turn off Windows Defender Firewall (not recommended) options for Private and Public network settings.


  • Make sure to disable any other third-party antivirus protection that you are using.
  • After disabling your antivirus and Firewall, check if you can download the Fortnite updates.

Make sure to turn on your Firewall after that as your device is vulnerable to threats after disabling the Firewall and antivirus.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Here are the answers to some of the commonly asked questions related to this topic.

  1. What to do if your Fortnite just says checking for updates?

It Fortnite just says checking for updates, then it means Fortnite is updating the game but something is preventing it from completing the updates.

  1. Why is Fortnite stuck on EPIC service queue?

This error appears when the game server has overloaded because of too many players are trying to play the game at the same time.

  1. How do I fix waiting for queue in Fortnite?

You can fix waiting for queue error in Fortnite by restarting the game a couple of times. If that doesn’t work, then all you can do is wait.

Closing Up

So that’s it. Now you know what to do when Fortnite is checking for updates and gets stuck in the process.

For any other game or tech-related issue, ask us in the comments section below.

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