Is Ghost Of Tsushima On PC Steam? [Latest News]

The news became viral as soon as a third-party retailer’s website leaked that Ghost of Tsushima will be soon available on Steam!

This imminent announcement soon started to make trending stories on social media.

So is Ghost Of Tsushima on PC Steam? Let us find out.

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Is Ghost Of Tsushima Available On Steam?

Thanks to the internet buzz that says Ghost Of Tsushima will be available on Steam, we are going to explore every possibility of Ghost Of Tsushima For PC Steam.

Ghost of Tsushima is an action-adventure game developed by Sucker Punch for the PlayStation console in July 2020.

This open-world game sketches the journey of Jin Sakai, a samurai who is on a quest to protect Tsushima Island.


As PlayStation has been bringing most of its popular titles to PC users in recent years, many avid gamers are looking forward to getting Ghost Of Tsushima on Steam.

There is no official declaration by the game developers of the availability of this excellent title on Steam.

But the retailer’s post hints that this most anticipated game will extend its reach in early 2022.

The research yields two results – the game will be available for Steam (PC) and PS5.

At first, the release date was confirmed as February 8, 2022. But right now the actual date is no longer there and it is said to be available in 2022.


But unless the developers give any confirmation we cannot say that Ghost Of Tsushima will be available for Steam gamers.

So, let us stay cross-fingered and wait for any official announcement before making any further plans hearing to the rumors.

Closing Up

We will surely report to you as soon as we get to know anything about Ghost Of Tsushima For PC Steam users.

You are also welcome to share any information related to the game in the comments section.

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