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How To Connect OBS & Zoom?

This Pandemic crisis has prompted people to organize more virtual conferences than in-person meetings.

Zoom is one of the leading choices for conferencing worldwide.

But when it comes to recording a meeting, many users complain about the video quality.

So, they often choose to use recording tools like OBS to boost the recording quality. Let us now see all about OBS Zoom in detail.

How To Connect OBS To Zoom?

Now let us see why you should choose OBS to do the recording and how to connect OBS and Zoom.

Using OBS With Zoom

OBS provides superior sound quality and resolution for recording.

You can directly connect OBS to Zoom to make any real-time changes or add some sound channels.

OBS also helps to enhance live streaming conferences in Zoom. The process to connect OBS to Zoom is quite simple.

You will get a better outcome if you have more than one display, but it will also work with a single monitor set-up.

Now let me explain how to connect OBS with Zoom:

  • First of all open OBS. Find the Add (+) button under the Sources option and click on it. You will get a preview of the outcome here.


  • From the displayed menu, select the Display Capture option.


  • Give a name to the capture and press the OK From the drop-down list choose a monitor to display your video.
  • Uncheck the box attached to Capture Cursor. You can make changes as per your need and then click on the OK button to proceed.


  • To add audio, again click on the Add (+) button and select the Audio Input capture option.


  • You will get a pop-up window to name the capture. Name it accordingly and click on the OK button.

  • Again click on the Add button and this time select the Audio Output Capture option and rename the source.


  • Select an output device and press the OK button. You can use headphones to avoid doubling the sounds.
  • Now press the Start Recording option under Controls.


  • Open Zoom and you will see that both got connected. Use full-screen mode to get better visibility.


  • After finishing, select the Stop Recording option from OBS.


Closing Up

When you connect OBS & Zoom to record a meeting, you get a high resolution of sound and video.

So, start experimenting with it and send us feedback on how was your experience.

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