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How To Flush DNS On Windows 11? – Complete Guide

DNS caches the webpage and helps you to load the site faster when you visit it after the first time.

But if you have a network connectivity issue, then we often suggest clearing the DNS cache. Now let us discuss why and how you should clear this cache.

For Windows 11, flush DNS cache with the following methods described in this article.


What Happens When You Flush DNS?

When you flush the DNS cache, it clears all the stored hostnames and IP addresses of the websites that you have visited.

Your PC then retrieves completely fresh relevant data the next time you try opening a site.

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How To Flush DNS On Windows 11?

Now here is how to clear DNS on your Windows 11 in detail.

1) Use Command Prompt To Flush DNS On Windows 11

This method will guide you on how to use Command Prompt to flush DNS on Windows 11.

Follow the steps given below:

  • Click on the Start button and enter CMD. Choose to run Command Prompt as an administrator.


  • Enter ipconfig /flushdns in the elevated Command Prompt window and press the Enter key. Wait till you get a confirmation message.


2) Use Run Utility to Flush DNS On Your Windows 11

Like Windows Command Prompt, you can run the same command on the Run dialog box and clear DNS from your Windows 11.

Follow the steps as mentioned:

  • Press Win + R to launch the Run dialog box and then enter ipconfig /flushdns in the command box.


  • Hit the Enter key to run the command and this will also flush DNS on your Windows 11 PC.

 3) Use Windows Powershell

On Windows 11 refresh the DNS cache by using Windows Powershell. Follow the steps mentioned below to do so:

  • Click on the Start button and enter Powershell. Choose to run Windows Powershell as an administrator.


  • In the Powershell window now copy and paste the following command and press the Enter key:


Wait for the command to run and this will clear DNS on Windows 11.

 4) Clear DNS On Your Chrome Browser

Chrome has some DNS cache on its own. So, it’s better than besides wiping off the DNS from your PC you also clear the DNS from the Chrome web browser.

Follow the below-given steps on Windows 11 to flush DNS cache:

  • Open Google Chrome and enter the following in the address bar:


  • Press the Enter button to run the command.
  • Now this will lead to Google Chrome’s net internals Select Clear Host Cache option beside Host resolver cache and you are done!


Closing Up

If the above article has helped you to flush DNS on Windows 11, then send us feedback in the comments section below.

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