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How To Two Hand In Elden Ring?

The vast world of Elden Ring offers you a diverse collection of weapons. You can use them to nail down the enemies using one-handed as well as two-handed.

In the previous Souls games, the process of using the two-handed stance was quite simple. You just needed to press the Triangle button to do so.

But that’s not the same for Elden Ring. Here I have shown how to two-hand in Elden Ring. So, have a look!

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Why Do You Need To 2 Hand Weapons In Elden Ring?

Two-handing weapons are great for dealing an extra bit of damage and stance break quicker.

Holding your one-handed weapon means you won’t be to use a shield or cast spells and incantations.

However, if you equip a shield on the off-hand while two-handing a weapon, it would appear on the characters back, adding a slight defensive buff from back attacks.

Also, two handing a weapon slightly decreases the weapon attack animation, which may put you off at the start.

How To Two Hand In Elden Ring?

To maximize your offensive potential in Elden Ring you can hold your weapon with two hands.

Now let us see how to two-hand in Elden Ring on controllers as well as Keyboard.

1) How To 2 Hand In Elden Ring For PC Gamers?

If you are playing Elden Ring on your PC then press the Event action key (E as default) + Right or Left-Click.


The left or right click will depend upon the hand you are holding the weapon that you want to two hand.

When you want to switch to the two-handed mode in Elden Ring, it is advised to be light on your toes to deal with the heavy attacks.

2) How To Two Hand In Elden Ring On PlayStation and Xbox Controllers?

For the PlayStation hold Event action key (Triangle as default) and press R1 or L1. This will enable you to hold the weapon using your two hands.


On the Xbox controller, hold Event action key (Y as default) and press the Left or Right shoulder buttons to use the weapon with two hands.


If you are holding the weapon with your left hand then you will have to hold Event Action and press the block button [L1/LB].

For switching to a one-handed stance you will have to just repeat the button combinations.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

  1. How do you equip a two-handed Elden Ring?

For PCs use Event action key (E as default) + Right or Left-Click, on Xbox hold Triangle and press the right or left shoulder buttons, and for PlayStations use Triangle + Left or Right shoulder buttons to equip a two-handed Elden Ring.

  1. How much strength do two handlings give Elden Ring?

When holding a single weapon with two hands, you get the effect of 120 strength at 80 strength.

  1. Is dual wielding in Elden Ring good?

Dual-wielding weapons in Elden Ring boost the speed of your attack. You can hit faster with more deadly attacks.

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Closing Up

So, that is how to how to 2 hand in Elden Ring. If you have further queries related to this topic, ask us in the comments section provided below.

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