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Why Customizing Your PC Setup Is Worth It!

Customization, of any form, brings uniqueness to life. A life that doesn’t strive to be unique will always remain a copy.

This also applies to your PC setup. PCs are used for various purposes, whether it’s for playing games, doing your work, or studying.

With how computers have become a part of our daily life, it’s important to create a setup that’s unique to you.

Why Customize Your PC Look?

Why do this? Well, why do we do anything? Why do we spend time to dress well, or make sure our room is properly set, or ponder for hours on a work that we are passionate about?


We do it because we care, and you need to care how your PC setup looks, especially if you spend most of your time having it around.

It has become a part of you so why not make it a way of expressing yourself?

Benefits of Customizing The Look Of Your PC

Customizing your desktop to be unique can seem like a chore, and it will take up a lot of your time if you are serious, but the returns will be equal.

Your setup speaks your character to others. With one look at your setup, many can judge the type of person you are.

Whatever setup it may be, it speaks to others. Now, do you want the setup to speak about yourself or not is something that you need to decide on your own.


Other than that, it also uplifts the spirit. Seeing the same bland screen daily for work will make anyone’s life a bit more boring.

A customized setup works like a breath of fresh air at such times. It invigorates life into the daily slogging of work we all have to do.

Making life exciting with small steps at a time is all you can do to avoid becoming bored.

Also, the dedication it needs to show your character through a unique desktop setup and then the satisfaction of finishing it is something that everyone should experience.

How To Customize Your PC?

Customizing your PC needs to be done at various levels. From changing how your desktop looks, to how your browsers look, and even the outer appearance of your PC.

Here is how you can change it.

Customizing Your Desktop

Setting up a different wallpaper is customizing but it alone cannot overhaul the entire look of your PC. For that, you would need something else.

There are plenty of theme engines out there that allow you to load themes, use new app launchers, creative app icons and customize it as you wish.

Rainmeter is probably the best for customizing your desktop. I have personally used it on various occasions and have been more than satisfied.

It provides unique freedom of creating and setting up skins to establish a unique never-seen look for your PC.


The community is amazing and will help new users with the basics.

Setting up a customized look with rainmeter skins may be a lot for many of you for the first time, so it’s best to start with some of the skins others have created with an available setup guide.

Once you get the hang of it, you will be able to set up a unique look for your PC.

Customizing Your Browser

Thinking of stopping at only customizing your desktop? Don’t worry, customizing your browsers won’t be that time-consuming.

Also, many of us spend a considerable amount of time surfing on our browsers.

Out of all the popular browsers, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge provide the best customizability options.

They allow users to upload any image they desire and set them as the background image.


Chrome and Edge also allow users to change the theme color. Also, there are plenty of amazing premade themes available for Google Chrome and Edge that you can simply add to your browser.

Customize The Appearance Of Your PC

Plenty of insane stuff can be done with the outer appearance of your PC like buying custom-made PC setups.

However, those are expensive and not some everyone can afford. So, what other ways can you make the outer appearance of your PC fit your personality?


Well RGB lighting is something that is within affordable reach. Backlight keyboards have great functionality and don’t just work as eye candies.

Buying an RGB cabinet is another way, but they also fall in the useless expense category.

If you have multiple monitors, then you can set them up in sync with the theme you are using on the desktop.

There are plenty of creative ways you can make it work and it will make your setup come to life.

Wrapping Up

So, that’s it. Hopefully, I could explain to you the importance of spending time on how your PC looks, and most of it can be done without spending any extra money.

It will make your life a bit more interesting and fun, and you will be a bit more unique than you were before.

That’s all we can do. Share your thoughts on this topic and do mention if you have created a customized PC setup yet.

Sanmay Chakrabarti
Sanmay Chakrabarti
Sanmay is a Windows Insider and editor at BottoBotto. He is a Tech enthusiast and has been writing tech blogs for over 2 years now. He loves reading books, traveling to new places and listening to music in his free time.

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