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How To Improve Zoom Video Quality? [Step By Step Guide]

Nowadays, we are into more video conferences than in-person meetings.

Zoom is one of the trusted tools to conduct these online conferences.

Now to create a good meeting ambiance you should improve the video quality.

In this article, I am going to mention the ways on how to improve Zoom video quality.

How To Improve Zoom Video Quality?

Read out the methods below and follow the steps to know how to improve Zoom video quality.

1) Use A Stable Network

Having a stable internet connection is very important when it comes to improving Zoom video quality.

Check that your router is closer to your setup, the Wi-Fi signal strength is good.

After checking your internet connection, tweak a few zoom settings to improve Zoom video quality.

2) Enable HD Video Option

Enabling the HD video option can boost up the Zoom video quality.

The Pro-users can enjoy a 720p video quality whereas the full high definition video like 1080p is available to the special users.

You must have an Enterprise, Business, or Education account for full HD support. Check the pre-requisites I am mentioning below:

For 720 Standard HD Quality-

  1. You need to have a pro, enterprise, or Business account
  2. You must enable Full-screen Mode

For 1080pHD Quality-

  1. You must have an Enterprise, Business, or Education Account.
  2. You should have i7 Quad Core or Higher.
  3. The Zoom desktop client should be updated.

Now here is how to improve Zoom video quality by enabling the HD video support from settings:

  • Launch Zoom. Click on the gear or settings icon just beneath your profile picture.


  • Click on Video from the left pane and then check the box for HD from the right-side panel under the Camera option.


3) Touch Up Your Appearance In Zoom

To enhance your appearance, Zoom provides an in-built feature. Know how to do that from the steps given below:

  • Open Zoom settings and click on the Video tab.
  • Under the My Video option check the box for Touch up my appearance and adjust the slider as per your desired preference.


4) Adjust Brightness In Zoom

Light plays an important part in improving the video quality in Zoom.

You can tweak the low light settings and adjust accordingly. To do so, follow the steps below:

  • Open Zoom settings and click on the Video tab. Check the box for Adjust low light under My video.


  • From the drop-down menu, select the Manual option and drag the slider to adjust the brightness.

5) Add Zoom Video Filters

You can use Zoom video filters to improve the video quality. There are plenty of filters that you can use both for your office meetings and personal video conferences.

Follow the steps to how to improve zoom video quality:

  • Open Zoom Settings and click on Background & Filters option.
  • Select a filter of your choice.


6) Use Virtual Background

You can blur your background or use some virtual background while in a Zoom meeting.

Sometimes while working from home we may not want to show up our messy home background.

So, to give a good impression just use some virtual background during a Zoom meeting. You can use background images to hide the messy background and present yourself in a smarter way.

Now follow the steps to add a virtual background room meeting.

  • Open Zoom settings and select the Background & Filters option.
  • From the right panel, click on Virtual Background and select a preferred one.
  • You can click on the Add (+) button to add an image as your background.
  • While in a meeting right click on your profile picture and select Choose virtual background option.


7) Use A Better Camera

Upgrading your webcam is a short and easy way to improve the Zoom video calls. Better cameras usually mean better quality, as long as the above factors are taken care of. You don’t even need to buy high end cameras or webcams if you have a good enough camera on your phone.

You can simply use your phone as the webcam and improve the video quality without spending anything new on it. Read this article to learn how to use your phone as a webcam.

Closing Up

So that was how to improve Zoom video quality. For more tech-related issues send us a reply in the comments section below.

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