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FIX: Internet On iPhone Is Not Working

Whether you are using cellular data or Wi-Fi, you may sometimes find the internet on your iPhone not working.

If don’t know what to do, here is an easy guide on fixing connection-related problems on iOS devices.

What Is The Solution When Internet On iPhone Not Working?

Follow these troubleshooting steps when the internet on iPhone is not working and solve the problem.

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1) Restart iPhone

When there is no internet connection on your iPhone, restart your device.

A simple restart will close all the programs and fix minor glitches.

Turn your iPhone off, wait for a few seconds and then turn it on again.

Check if the internet is working, else move on to the following troubleshooting steps.

2) Check That Wi-Fi Is Turned On 


From your phone settings, check that the Wi-Fi is turned on. If not, then tap on the name of the Wi-Fi connection you are using.

When you see a blue checkmark beside the name of the network, it means you are connected to it.

Also, check that the Auto join option is enabled. If not then tap on it and turn it on.

3) Troubleshoot Wi-Fi Issues 

If there is any issue with the Wi-Fi connection, then tap on the Wi-Fi network to check the issue. If needed re-enter the Wi-Fi password.

4) Check The Router 


Your iPhone won’t connect to the internet if the router is out of range.

So, make sure to check that your iPhone is within the range of your router.

You can also restart your router by turning it off and then disconnecting all the power cables.

Allow a few minutes before you attach the cables back and turn it on.

5) Turn Off And Turn On The Cellular Data 

If you are using cellular data and find your iPhone has no internet connection, then turn off the cellular data and turn it on again.

Often this simple trick works and you may find the problem is solved.

6) Check Your VPN 

iPhone won’t connect to the internet if your VPN is preventing it to connect to the internet.

So, go to the phone settings and turn off the VPN service. Now check if you are getting a proper Wi-Fi connection.

7) Reset The Network Settings 

If nothing works then reset the network settings.  To do that, open your iPad or iPhone Settings and tap on General and then Reset.

Next tap on Reset All Settings option.


Wait till it resets everything like your Wi-Fi network, password, VPN, and cellular settings that you have used before.

8) Reinsert The Sim Card 

If nothing works then eject your SIM card and then reinsert it.

Sometimes reseating the SIM card can fix these types of connection issues.

So, just try it and it should solve the connection problem.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

  1. Why does iPhone say no internet connection when I have Wi-Fi?

If your iPhone is connected to the Wi-Fi it doesn’t mean it also is connected to the internet. The Wi-Fi is simply a medium for connecting to the internet wirelessly. If the internet is down, then you won’t be able to access internet even when you are connected to the Wi-Fi.

  1. How do I get my internet to work on my iPhone?

To get the internet to work on your iPhone, you first have to make sure the internet is not down. Next, turn on Wi-Fi and connect to the Wi-Fi your internet is connected with. Or if you have mobile data, then you can simply turn that on.

  1. Why is my internet not working on my iPhone?

If the internet is not working on your iPhone then it can be caused by corrupted network cache, network glitches and bugs, or simply the internet can be down.

Closing Up

So there you have it! Hope the problem got resolved after following the above methods.

For further tech-related solutions, ask us in the comments section below.

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