Is Bloodborne On PC? – Latest Updates

In 2020, rumors of a PC port kept churning that Bloodbourne is coming to PC soon.

Gamers held their breath as if it was going to be announced at any moment!

Alas! It is July, and still, there is no news about Bloodbourne coming to PC.

Here we have discussed the possibilities to play Bloodbourne on PC in detail.

Is Bloodbourne Coming To PC?

The answer is No. Sony has not made any official announcement regarding Bloodbourne coming to PC.

You will not get any remaster, remake, or official port of Bloodbourne for PC. 

In September 2021, NVIDIA GeForce leaked a speculative list of upcoming games.

The list includes various PlayStation games including Ghosts of Tsushima, Demon’s Soul, and Returnal but not Bloodbourne.

After the list got leaked, NVIDIA gave a statement to WCCTech that the list contained –

Both released and/or speculative titles, used only for internal tracking and testing” & “Inclusion on the list is neither confirmation nor an announcement of any game“.

Bloodbourne Comes to PC As a PSX Demake For Free

You can now download a fan-made demake of the game on your PC and that too for free on!

It was developed by Lilith Walther or b0tster and released in February 2022.

Though demakes are generally shortm, for Bloodbourne you will experience a good-length rendition.

You can experience the Molotov cocktails, unique hunter weapons, blood vials, and so on.


Keeping 1997 graphics in mind, the enemies in Yharnam has been wisely recreated. It is actually a remake of the original Bloodbourne game.

The opening cutscene includes a whole lot of extra details but aligns perfectly with the PS4 version.

It also includes the main villains or bosses like Father Gascoigne and Cleric Beast.


The players can use any of the provided ten hunter weapons to rip the bosses in a completely new style.

Lilith Walther clearly mentions on his page that this project is not associated with FromSoftware or Sony.

You will get a Twitch category of the game. Over 17,000 viewers showed interest and got inputs to form the streamers.

You can download the game from here.

Use PlayStation Now App To Play Bloodbourne

The PC ports of Sony games though show a ray of hope for Bloodbourne to be on PC but it still isn’t an official release that all of us are waiting for.

But you can play the game on PC with the PlayStation Now app. It is Sony’s streaming service and you will get Bloodbourne available there.


With a subscription to PlayStation Now or PlayStation Plus and a decent internet connection, you can play the game on your PC.

The quality of the game will depend upon your internet speed. If your connection is not stable then you may have a dreadful gaming experience.

If you want to experience Bloodbourne on PlayStation Now, then go for a wired connection as it provides a more stable connection than a wireless one.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

  1. Where can I buy Bloodbourne on PC?

You can now play Bloodbourne via PlayStation Now. All you need to have is a stable internet connection and a subscription to PS Now.

PS Now allows you to play the game on the PC officially using cloud streaming.

  1. Is Bloodbourne on Steam?

No, Bloodbourne is not on Steam but you can enjoy it on PC via the PlayStation Now app.

  1. Is Bloodbourne free?

Bloodbourne is free on the PlayStation app now. You can play it at no extra cost if you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber.

Closing Up

We will let you know if we get any further news about Bloodbourne on PC.

You are welcome to share any related information in the comments section provided below.

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