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Is Elden Ring Cross Platform? [UPDATED]

Elden Rings comes with multiplayer, similar to the other Souls games, with invasions and summons.

With the game available on multiple platforms, users tend to wonder whether it is cross-platform or not.

Here I have answered this in detail, so keep reading to find out whether Elden Ring is cross platform.

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Is Elden Ring Cross-play?

No, Elden Ring is not cross-platform and there is no near possibility of becoming so! Elden Ring offers some form of cross-play between the gaming consoles of the same brands.

Like players on Xbox One and Xbox Series X or S can play together & PS 5 and PS 4 players can also play together in PvP.

That means the Xbox & PS players won’t be able to play with each other and the PC players won’t be able to play with the console players.

Elden Ring’s multiplayer is robust that offers both PvP and co-op elements for enhancing the single-player experience.

PvP or player versus player is a multiplayer interactive conflict between the players. Here players compete against each other.

So, Elden Ring does not support full cross-play. FromSoftware has not yet revealed any plan to add more multiplayer functionality to Elden Ring.

Since the developers have not yet included The Souls games like Bloodbourne or Sekiro in the cross-platform list, it is highly unlikely to make Elden Ring a cross-platform.

So, will Elden Ring be cross-platform in the coming future?

There is a higher chance of getting the Elden Ring DLC than having full cross-play.

Till we get any confirmation from FromSoftware or Bandai Namco, we can conclude that Elden Ring is not going to have cross-play.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

  1. Why Elden Ring is not a cross-platform?

FromSoftware has not yet included Elden Ring in the cross-play list. It will become more expensive and a hassle to get it to work properly. Maybe FromSoftware did not want to go through the money and time needed for it!

  1. Can you play Elden Ring cross-platform?

No, Elden Ring does not support cross-play between PlayStation, PC, and Xbox.

But it will have a cross-gen co-op with PS 4 & PS 5 players and Xbox One & Xbox Series X/S.

  1. Is Elden Ring crossplay PS4 abd PS5?

Elden Ring is not a cross-platform game. The Xbox and PC gamers cannot play together with the PS4 or PS5 gamers.

The players can play with devices that belong to the same console family.

Closing Up

We will surely let you know as soon as we get any confirmation of Elden Ring becoming a cross-platform game.

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