Is Horizon Forbidden West On PC?

With the enormous commercial success of Horizon Zero Dawn for PlayStation, Horizon Forbidden West was the most expected PS game of early 2022.

Guerilla Games released Horizon Forbidden West on 18th February 2022, and soon it became hugely popular.

However, the PC fans are still eagerly waiting for a PC release date.

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Horizon Forbidden West – The Journey

Explore the distant lands with Aloy in the post-apocalyptic world of Horizon.

Guerilla Games developed this action-based role-playing game published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

In the game, the player controls Aloy, the hunter from the Nora tribe, and fights bigger with the adventurous new tribes, awe-inspiring machinery, and encounters vicious storms.


Aloy tries to find out the reason behind these massive threats to life and tries to restore the balance.

She explores through lush valleys, snow-covered mountains, droughty deserts, and underwater worlds.

Is Horizon Forbidden West On PC?

Since the game’s predecessor, Horizon Zero dawn was released for PC, gamers anticipate Forbidden West’s release on PC soon.


Recently, it has become a trend to release PlayStation-exclusive games on PC.

Many games like Spiderman, God of War, Days Gone, Guns UP, and Predator: Hunting Ground have all made their way from console to PC.

Besides the PS studios Steam page also hints toward releasing such big titles on PC.

But there are no official announcements of this PlayStation-exclusive game to be released on PC yet.

Sony has clearly stated that the company will not release the big titles simultaneously on PC and PlayStation.

So, Forbidden West is only playable on your PS consoles for now, and there is no news of its release on PC.

It sounds like all the big titles will be available to the PS gamers first before they come to PC.

Horizon Forbidden West PC Release Date

Many gamers are wondering if Horizon Forbidden West will get a release date for PC.

Unfortunately, Horizon Forbidden West on PC has no probable release date.

Taking into consideration Sony’s other big titles that weren’t made available to PC users soon after their release, we can say that there are negligible chances for the game to be available for PC users.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

  1. Can I get Horizon Forbidden West On Steam?

No, Horizon Forbidden west is not available for PC gamers. So, you cannot play it on Steam. But we can expect the title to be out for PC soon.

  1. Is Horizon Forbidden West coming to PC?

Sony Entertainment or Gorilla Games has not yet made any official announcement to release Horizon Forbidden West on PC.

  1. How Long Till Forbidden West Comes To PC?

Other PS exclusive games took several months to several years to port on PC. Till date, there is no such news of Forbidden West to come to PC.

Closing Up                                             

As soon as we get any news about Horizon Forbidden West’s release on PC, we will update you.

If you have any further questions, ask us in the comments section provided below.

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