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Is Opera GX Safe? – An Opera GX Browser Review

Opera is a popular and reliable web browser. Opera GX comes from the house of Opera and is mostly promoted as a gaming browser.

So, is Opera GX Safe? Is it better than the other Opera browsers? What makes it unique?

Let us discuss all your queries and have a detailed Opera GX browser review.

Is Opera GX Safe To Use?

Opera is a Chromium-based browser with unique features like homepage hijacking protection and DLL hijacking prevention.

So, using Opera is a good choice when you are considering the safety feature.

Like other browsers, Opera GX tracks your browsing activity and IP address and shares those with third-party gaming services like Twitch & Discord and other advertisers.

But you have the option to disable some of the data sharing from the settings.

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Is Opera GX A Gaming Browser?

Is Opera GX good for gamers? Not exactly! Opera GX has integrated Twitch & Discord and includes some features to set a limit on the usage of Network, RAM, or CPU.

So, these make Opera suitable for gamers but it does not make any difference to your PC’s gaming performance. In other words, the gaming browser is a marketing tag and doesn’t have any real value to it.

What’s New About Opera GX?

Taking into consideration the marketing gimmick of Opera GX, let us now discuss the features of Opera GX in detail.



To appear lucrative to the gamers, the UI comes with a cyberpunk look with neon colors and a dark theme.

You can use the sidebar for quick access and with the help of the main UI you can visit websites and indulge in other online activities.



The handy sidebar of Opera GX provides you quick access to the settings, history, installed extensions from

You can also customize it and set the shortcuts as per your choice.

You also have options to tweak the settings and hide the sidebar if you want to add extra workspace.

Privacy And Security

The Ad-Blocker and Block-trackers features on Opera GX make Opera GX safe compared to some other web browsers.

While playing YouTube you will not see any ad but a black banner will be displayed in place of the ad.

The block tracking feature blocks the websites from tracking your online activities.

Both the ad-blocking and ad-tracking features are customizable and you can add block lists or manage the extensions.


For extra security, you can enable VPN. Both Opera and Opera OX have an inbuilt VPN for connecting to another server.

To enable VPN navigate to Settings > Advanced > Features > Enable VPN.

Opera GX shows you a network usage graph that displays the network consumption for a week.

A welcoming feature of Opera GX is that, for bandwidth, it offers unlimited VPN and that too for free!

As long as you select the proper location the VPN works fine but you need to enable it from the settings as the feature is disabled and hidden.


With the workspace feature on Opera GX, you can well organize the open tabs into the workspaces.

Each workspace has a separate icon on the sidebar and it takes a single click to switch between them.

You can also right-click on a particular tab and select a proper option to move the tabs between workspaces.

But make sure that you will have to enable the feature from your sidebar settings.



Now, this is an interesting part of the Opera GX browser that I have noticed. There are options to choose from 23 different themes and of course, you can use custom themes or experiment on your own.


You can play with hue, saturation, or lightness. You can also customize the browser sounds as well as turn those off. But there is no option for custom sounds.

There are 5 different ambient music tracks available on Opera GX to choose from. You can also customize the speed dial page where you will get various kinds of wallpapers.opera_browser-sound

You can download wallpapers of your choice from Opera’s Addon page.


To share the contents of your phone and PC, you can use the Flow feature.

After downloading Opera GX app on your phone, set up the flow and connect your PC with your phone.

Now just click on the flow icon in the address bar and share the links you want.

You will get instant notification on your phone and you can easily share links, files, and texts from your device. 

Some Exclusive Features Of Opera GX

Here are some unique features of Opera GX. Check these out!

GX Corner


GX corner is a news hub for avid gamers. You will get notified about the release date so that you don’t miss the newest game titles.

There are plenty of free games which is a welcome feature as you will not have to depend upon the other gaming platforms. So you can have your gaming calendar up to date.

GX Control


To manage resource usage you can use the GX Control feature in Opera GX.

This will help you to monitor the RAM and CPU usage.

If you find any resource-hogging tab then you can close it with a single click. 

GX Cleaner

GX cleaner is Opera GX’s cleaning tool. It wipes off the browsing data and you can add this to your sidebar. Besides you can also add some animations for fun.

Closing Up

So, is Opera GX safe? Yes, and it comes with a minimalistic UI that limits resource usage and other advanced features.

For new users, it will take some time to check out all the hidden features but Opera GX is quite a good browser to use.

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