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How To Link Origin To Steam Account?

Now you can access the huge range of Origin library on Steam. Keeping in mind the craze of the two popular most digital distribution platforms, Origin and Steam have announced that you can link origin and steam accounts.

Previously EA developed games exclusively from the origin users. Many of your favorite games like Dragon Age inquisition, Apex legends – Battle Royale, Need for speed were included in the list.

Let us now check how to link origin to steam from the article in detail.

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Key Facts To Check Before You Link Origin To Steam

When you link your Origin account to your Steam account, you cannot transfer your existing games from EA/Origin account to Steam.

Valve Software and electronic arts provided this account linking mechanism and if the game you have purchased is on the Steam list, then only you will be able to access that from both Steam and Origin.

If you have an EA play subscription, you can access the huge range of EA titles as long as your subscription is active.

The Steam users can use this subscription and enjoy those games through the Steam client.

EA play subscribers can thus enjoy an extensive list of all the features by Valve and Electronic Arts.

Here Is How To Link Origin To Steam

Follow the steps mentioned below to know how to link accounts on Steam and Origin:

  • Open Steam and sign in with your credentials.
  • Select any EA game purchased on Steam and launch it.
  • You will be asked to install Origin Client on your computer.

In case you have already installed the client it will be opened.

  • Your next step will be to install Origin. Allow till it launches and then click on Link Your Account option.
  • Log into Origin Client using EA account credentials.
  • After signing in, Steam will install the game. From now onwards, the game will appear on the Steam client.

Closing Up

So, there you are! Hope the above article has explained to you how to Link Origin to Steam accounts. Leave us a reply in the comments section provided below for further queries.

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