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Fix: Microsoft Windows Network The Local Device Name Is Already In Use Error

While trying to access your network drive if you find an error message stating that the local device name is already in use, then there can be an issue with the assigned drive letter or file & printer sharing settings.

The error message can be something like:

“Microsoft Windows Network: the local device name is already in use”.

The problem is common and can be fixed with the troubleshooting steps I am describing below.

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Fix: Microsoft Windows Network The Local Device Name Is Already In Use Error

Now let us directly check what we can do to fix the local device name is already in use error.

1) Check The Drive Mapping And Remap

Often the drive mapping goes wrong and this can be the reason why an error occurred while reconnecting.

So, remap the network drive and this can fix the problem.

Follow the steps to do so:

  • Enter CMD in the search box and right-click on the Command Prompt Choose to Run as administrator.


  • Copy and paste the following commands in the elevated Command Prompt window and press the Enter button after each command:
net use * /delete


net use Z: \\server\share /user:username password

Now give the proper username and password and check if this solves the problem.

2) Check If There Is Enough Space On The Server Computer

This is also one of the main causes of the problem. If you can access the server computer of your network connection, then make sure to free up some space.

Delete some unnecessary or unused files and this can help restore network connections.

After freeing up some space, check if this has solved the problem or move on to our next fix.

 3) Assign a Proper Drive Letter

If you have not assigned a proper drive letter in the disk management then you may encounter these sorts of problems.

If you have assigned another drive letter in the disk management other than the one in your network mapping then also the same kind of problem may arise.

Now check the steps to assign the proper drive letter:

  • Go to the Start Menu and enter Computer Management. Click on the proper option and select Disk Management from the Computer Management window.


  • Right-click on the specific drive and select the Change Drive Letter and Paths option.


  • Click on Change and select a drive letter from the available list.
  • It is recommended not to choose drive letters A or B as they are meant for the floppy drives on the previous OS.
  • Finally, click on the App option and confirm if any dialog box appears.

If after this you find an error occurred while reconnecting then move to the next solution.

4) Allow File And Printing Through Firewall

If you have disabled the file and printer sharing option in the Firewall, enable it as this can be the reason why you are having the problem.

Here I am showing the steps with Windows Defender Firewall.

Make sure you enable the feature on any other firewall you are using:

  • Enter Windows Security in the Search box and select the correct option.


  • Choose Firewall And Network Protection option.


  • Click on Allow An App Or Feature Through Windows Firewall option.
  • Find File and printing sharing options from the installed apps and services. Check the box attached to it and click on the OK button.


Give your PC a fresh restart and check if this has solved the problem.

5) Tweak The Registry

Deleting a key on the registry can fix the issue. But make sure to be extra cautious while handling your registry as a small mistake can crash your system.

So, it is recommended to backup your registry and then proceed.

Now follow the steps to delete a registry key:

  • Press Win + R hotkeys on your keyboard to launch the Run dialog box.
  • Enter regedit in the dialog box and press the Enter key.


  • In the Registry editor window navigate to the following path:


  • Click on the key and then inside the Explorer key, find MountPoints2 Right-click on the key and select the Delete option.


  • If any dialog box pops up give confirmation and restart your PC. Now see if you are getting any error messages.

Closing Up

So that’s what you should do when you get the local device name is already in use error. Ask us if you have any queries and stay connected.

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