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How To Lower CPU & GPU Usage In Games – Complete Guide

Bottlenecking is frequent amongst gamers across the Globe. It doesn’t matter how good you are at gaming,  you are always prone to the technical glitches that may trigger these types of issues.

So, if you also see that your CPU and GPU usage getting higher, check this article to know how to lower CPU usage in games.

How To Lower CPU Usage In Games?

Follow the methods given below and check how to lower CPU usage in games easily.

1) Change The In-Game Settings

If the in-game settings are not compatible with your system’s specifications, then your CPU may bottleneck.

To reduce the CPU usage, tweak the in-game settings.

Set the in-game FPS cap to unlimited or higher than your CPU can handle.

This can significantly reduce CPU usage. In case your GPU usage is low but CPU usage is high, then you can play with higher graphics settings – High or Ultra as this will push the usage load on the GPU from the CPU.

If this does not help then use lower graphics settings to play and check if this helps.

2) Turn Off Unnecessary Background Programs

The unnecessary programs running in the background can be the reason for high CPU usage.

So, disable some programs and this can help you reduce CPU usage while gaming.

Now follow the steps to close the background programs:

  • Press Win + R to open the Run Enter msconfig in the command box and click on OK.


  • On the System Configuration window, go to the Services tab and check the box for Hide all Microsoft Services.


  • Now click on the Disable all This will disable all the services running in the background.
  • Close the window. Right-click on your Taskbar and click on Task Manager.


  • Click on the unnecessary programs one by one and select the End task option to close the services.


After finishing the process, restart your PC.

3) Reinstall Graphics Driver

Outdated graphics drivers can be the reason for the high GPU usage.

Now let us check how to reduce CPU usage while gaming by reinstalling the graphics driver. Follow the steps given below:

  • Open the Run dialog box and enter devmgmt.msc in the command box. Press the Enter key.


  • Select Display adapters and right-click on your graphics driver.
  • Choose Uninstall device Confirm if asked for and follow the on-screen prompts.


  • Restart your device and Windows will automatically download the latest available driver. Now, this should solve the problem.

4) Disable the Power Preserving Modes

Disable all the power preserving modes when your CPU is bottlenecked as these settings will hold your CPU’s performance back unnecessarily.

Now follow the steps to know how to lower GPU usage disabling all the power preserving modes:

  • Enter shutdown /r /fw /t 0 in the elevated command prompt window and press the Enter button.


  • Now as the computer restarts, it will boot into UEFI Firmware Settings.
  • Check which options are related to power saving and disable those. After that restart your device.
  • When the Windows restarts, click on the start button and select Settings. Next click on System and select Power & Sleep from the left pane.
  • Under the Related Settings option select Additional Power settings.


  • Choose Change Plan settings options as shown.


  • Click on Change Advanced Power Settings.


  • Next select High-performance options from the drop-down menu. Click on the OK button after you are done.


5) Reinstall The Problematic Game

If nothing helps and you are still searching around how to reduce GPU usage, then reinstall the game with which you are having issues.

The game files can be corrupted and a fresh installation can fix the problem. Now follow the steps to reinstall the game:

  • Go to the Start Menu and enter Control Panel in the search box. Choose the top option. Next select Programs and Features.


  • From the Program And Features window, find the game and right-click on it.
  • Choose the Uninstall option and follow the on-screen prompts.


After finishing the uninstallation process, re-download it. Now, this should solve the problem.

Closing Up

Hope you got a clear idea of how to lower CPU usage in games. For any further problems ask us in the reply section below.

Sanchita Das
Sanchita Das
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