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How To Fix MacBook Blue Screen Issue?

Blue screen of death or BSOD is common for PC users. It might not be common on Mac but it does happen from time to time.

For those rare moments when you do get a MacBook Blue screen, follow the solutions given here to fix it.

How To Fix MacBook Blue Screen Error?

Follow the solutions given below and fix the blue screen on Mac.

1) Restart Mac

Often a fresh restart can fix many errors and bugs.

So, when you get a Macintosh blue screen of death, shut down the MacBook and remove all the peripherals attached to it.

You can also use shortcut keys to shutdown and restart your MacBook.

Wait for a few minutes and then give your MacBook a fresh restart and see if the blue screen disappears.

2) Boot Into Safe Mode

Safe mode provides you with minimal functionalities. When you boot into Mac normally, many apps and services start with it.

Sometimes these apps and services conflict with your system and cause a bluescreen on Mac.

So, to get rid of this BSOD error, try starting the Mac in safe mode.

  • First, check what type of Mac you are using. Click on the Apple menu and choose the About This Mac option.about-this-mac-option
  • Check the detailed information from the Overview panel.
  • If you find an item labeled as a processor, then you are having an Intel-based Mac and vice versa.


Now follow these nest steps to open Mac in safe mode.

A) Open Intel-Based Mac In Safe Mode: 

  • Restart or turn on your MacBook and press & hold the Shift button till the log-in screen appears.
  • Log in with your credentials. You may need to log in again.

B) Open Mac With Apple Silicon In Safe Mode:  

  • Click on the Apple Menu and select Shut down. Wait till your Mac completely shuts down.
  • Press & hold the Power button on your Mac till you see the Loading startup options.


  • Choose a volume. Press & hold the Shift key and then click on Continue in the Safe mode option.


  • Mac will automatically restart. After the log-in window appears, check the Menu bar and you should see Safe Boot there.

3) Disable The Login Items

Some apps automatically launch when you open Mac. These are login items.

These login items can interfere with the system and as a result, you may get a blue screen.

Remove or disable these items following the steps given below:

  • Click on the Apple menu and then select System Preferences.


  • From the next window select the Users & Groups option.


  • Under current user, click on your account name. Here you will find the Login Items option beside the password. Click on that.


  • Select the login items and click on the Remove or the (-) button at the bottom.


After doing so, restart your Mac. Now, this should fix the BSOD error on Mac at startup.

4) Use Disk Utility

If you are getting the BSOD error on your Mac due to any corrupted file, faulty external device, or startup problems, then disk utility can repair and fix the issue.

So, take the help of disk utility From Safe Mode. Press Command + Space, and type Disk utility to access it on Mac.


If you cannot access the disk utility this way then enter Recovery Mode and then run the disk utility.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

  1. How do I fix a blue screen on a Mac?

To fix a blue screen on a mac, restart it,  remove the login items, use Disk Utility to repair the start-up disk, and use MacOS recovery.

2. Does Apple have a blue screen of death?

Yes, occasionally you may encounter BSOD error on MacBook. Blue screen of death is common in windows but can occur in mac once in a blue moon.

  1. Why is my MacBook screen navy?

The MacBooks with in-built retina displays can be the reason for grey or blue screen on Macs.

Closing Up

Hope the above solutions helped you to fix the blue screen of death on Mac.

Send us your feedback. If you have any other queries related to this topic, then ask us in the comment section below.

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