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Fix: Malwarebytes Won’t Open On Windows 10

It is always necessary to debug our computers from any type of malware threat. For this reason, we choose various antivirus programs.

Malwarebytes Antimalware is such a program that protects our system from online threats and vulnerabilities. But what if Malwarebytes fails to open suddenly?

Malwarebytes won’t open if there is any technical glitch or installation error. Here I have discussed the various solutions that can help you fix this issue.

So, keep reading if Malwarebytes will not open on your PC.

What To Do When Malwarebytes Won’t Open?

Malwarebytes may not open because of various reasons. Let us now discuss how to overcome this problem and run Malwarebytes successfully.

Fix 1: Run Malwarebytes With Administrator Privileges

The first solution that I suggest if Malwarebytes won’t open on Windows 10 is to run the program as an administrator.

Follow the steps to open Malwarebytes with administrative privileges:

  • Click on the Start Menu and type Malwarebytes. Select the Run as administrator option.


Now check if this opens Malwarebytes. Else, move onto our next solution.

Fix 2: Run Malwarebytes Anti-malware In Safe Mode

Sometimes certain Windows programs or utilities may interfere with Malwarebytes and prevent it from opening.

To check if this is the case, run Malwarebytes in Safe Mode. When you open safe mode, your OS has reduced functionality.  So, it becomes easier to identify the problem.

Now follow the process to open Malwarebytes in Safe Mode:

  • Go to the Start Menu. Now hold the Shift key on your keyboard and click on the Restart option.


  • As the PC starts now, you will see the Advanced Recovery menu. Select the Troubleshoot option and next go to the Advanced option.


  • Get into Startup Settings and hit the Restart button.


  • Click on the Restart option to enter the Startup Settings.


  • From the next options, press F5 to boot in Safe Mode with the networking.


Now start Malwarebytes and scan. Check if this process helps, otherwise move on to our next solution.

Fix 3: Create A New User Account As Admin

Some users have reported that they can open Malwarebytes on other user accounts but not on their main one. This can happen due to profile corruption.

So, it would be wise to create a new user account with administrative privileges and check if it works for you.

Follow the steps mentioned to open an account with administrator’s privileges.

  • Click on the Start Menu and select Settings . Now click on the Accounts option.


  • Next, select Family and Other users.


  • Go to the Other users section and click on the Add someone else to this PC option. Next click on I don’t have this person’s sign-in information option.


  • From the next page, select Add a user without a Microsoft account.


  • Input the credentials like – username, password and hit the Next button.


  • Now return to the Family & other users section and select the profile you just created. Then choose the Change Account Type option.


  • Click on Administrator under Account type and then select OK.


  • Now sign in with your new administrator account.

Fix 4: Perform A Clean Reinstallation

Malwarebytes will not open if there is any corruption during the downloading process. Always download Malwarebytes from the official download page and install the latest version.

Now follow the steps mentioned below to uninstall and reinstall the program:

  • Go to the windows search menu and type control panel. Select the first option. When the Control Panel opens, click on Programs And Features.


  • Now in the Uninstall or Change a program section, find Malwarebytes. Right-click on the program and click on the Uninstall option.


  • After uninstalling Malwarebytes successfully from your system, visit the official page and reinstall the latest version of the program.

Now check if you can open the Malwarebytes Anti-malware program.

Closing Up

Hope the above-mentioned methods helped you when your Malwarebytes won’t open. For any further suggestions, leave us a reply in the comment section below.

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Sanchita Das
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