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Fix: Your Message Is Not Downloaded From Server Error [Solved]

Apparently, we cannot doubt iPhone’s security measures but sometimes we do come across irritating bugs.

If you are getting ‘This message that has not been downloaded from the server’ error on your iPhone mail client, then check out this article for the solutions.

What To Do When Your Message Has Not Been Downloaded From The Server?

Let us now figure out what should we do when you get the ‘This message has not been downloaded from the server’ error.

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1) Check Your Network Connection

When you cannot download your email from the server, before moving on to any advanced solution, check whether you are having a proper network connection.

Along with that open your iPhone settings and check if you have turned on the airplane mode by mistake.


We sometimes forget to check these little things that can be the primary reason to initiate this sort of problem.

2) Force Close And Re-launch Your Mail App

If your network connection is proper and you still find the message not downloaded from the server, force stop your mail app and then open it again. To do that, follow the steps mentioned below:

Launch your iPhone mail app and open the mail for which you got the error.

  • Press and hold the iPhone’s home button now for a few seconds till the app closes and you see the home screen again.
  • Re-launch the mail app and check if the problem is gone. If you still find this message has not been downloaded, force stop the mail app and turn off your Wi-Fi connection and mobile data.
  • Now restart your iPhone and turn on the mobile data. Re-launch the mail app and this time the error should not be there.

3) Update your iPhone

Your message might not be downloaded from the server if you are using an outdated iOS build.

So, update your iPhone now and check if this fixes the problem.

Follow the steps to update your iPhone:

  • Go to iPhone Settings and tap on the General option. Select Software Update.
  • If you get an update available, tap on the Download & Install option.


4) Enable ‘Download Complete Including Attachments’ Option

If you have configured your email client to download a portion of the emails only, for example, emails excluding attachments, then you may find that your message has not been downloaded from the server.

So, enable the complete download feature for the subscribed folders. To do so follow the steps given below:

  • Open your mail app and go to the File section.
  • From the Options tab, tap on the Advanced option.
  • Tap on the Send/Receive button and next head for the All Accounts section.
  • If you see the problematic account, select it. Or you may click on the Edit option and then select the particular account.
  • Make sure the Download Complete Items Including Attachments for Subscribed Folders option is selected from under Receive mail items section.


  • Apply the changes made and then restart your system. Check if this can solve the problem.

5) Switch To Fetch Method

Fetch or Push methods deliver emails to the user’s device. The server notifies the client about the new message in the Push method.

But in the Fetch method, the client app requests the server for any new message.

Now if you have enabled the Push method, then you can face this issue.

So, it will be a better idea to switch to the Fetch method. To do that, follow the given steps:

  • Open your iPhone Settings and go to the Passwords and Accounts section.
  • Select Fetch new data and turn off the toggle button for Push option.


  • Turn on the button for Fetch option and set the settings to the Automatically option.


  • Now check if Push is enabled for any other account. Enable Fetch for all other accounts.
  • Restart your iPhone and this time you should not find the issue.

6) Reinstall Your Mail App

If nothing helps and you still find your message not downloaded from the server, then reinstall the mail app.

To do that, check the steps that I have given below:

  • Open the Menu on your iPhone. Press & hold the Mail app till you see the pop-up menu.
  • Select the Remove App option and confirm your action.


  • Restart your phone and go to the Apple AppStore. Search for Mail and get the iPhone mail app installed.
  • Open the mail app now and configure it as per your need. Now check to see if you can download the messages from the servers.

Closing Up

So, by now know what to do when your message has not been downloaded from the server. Keep sending us your questions and we will respond at once.

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