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NDI, NDI Camera, OBS NDI – A Complete Overview

What is NDI? what is NDI video? NDI stands for Network Device Interface.

It is a free network protocol developed by NewTek that enables video supportive products to receive and deliver high-definition video over standard networks in real-time.

Now let us study about NDI camera and its use in detail.

What Is NDI Camera?

NDI cameras consist of Pan, Tilt, and Zoom (PTZ) functionalities.

These cameras can be controlled over a single Ethernet cable for sending audio and video content.

The PTZ cameras make remote operation easy with their latest camera control technologies.

Now let us see how to set up an NDI camera.

How To Set Up An NDI Camera?

It is very easy to set up an NDI camera.

You can plug an NDI camera into any Local Area Network or LAN and then configure it to operate with any hardware or software, supporting NDI.

After you plug an NDI camera into a network, it will show up when you attempt to add an NDI source.


SDI or Serial Digital Interface are used to send uncompressed videos over long distances.

NDI is comparatively a newer technology. It uses the new methods of video compression to receive and send high-definition video over a standard network.

An NDI video feed can be converted into an SDI stream and vice-versa.


Open Broadcaster Software or OBS software is open-source, free software.

It is popular worldwide for live streaming and  a network of developers across the Globe supports it.

Palakis, a developer, created a plug-in that supports NDI. This plug-in is available for both PC and Mac versions of OBS.

Like any other source, the OBS users can add NDI sources to OBS.

With the help of this plugin, you can transmit the main video content to any other system via NDI.

It provides an OBS filter that can output any OBS source through NDI.

NDI supports all frame rates video streams and resolutions without or with alpha channel.

Closing up

Hope you got an idea about what is an NDI camera. For any further detail, comment in the section below.

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