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How To Use Night Light On Windows 11

The night light feature has been introduced to reduce your eye strain while working for long hours on your computer.

So, you can enable Windows 11 night light feature to reduce the screen brightness. Now follow this article to know how to use night light on Windows 11.

How To Use Night Light On Windows 11?

Let us check the details how you can turn on Windows 11 Night Light and how to customize the same.

1) How To Enable Night Light On Windows 11?

To reduce eye strain on Windows 11 you can enable Night light from Windows Settings. To do so follow the steps given below:

  • Alternatively, press Windows key + I hotkey to open Windows Settings.
  • Click on System and select Display from the right side.
  • Go to Brightness and Color section and turn on the toggle switch attached to the Night light.


After you enable night light on Windows 11, you will see warm colors on your display that will reduce your eye strain.

2) Customize Colour Temperature And Schedule To Enable The Night Light Feature

Besides turning on Windows 11 night light from settings you can also tweak the color temperature and customize a schedule to turn on the night light.

Follow the steps to change the color temperature:

  • Open Windows 11 Settings and click on the System option.
  • From the right side, click on the Display option.
  • Click on the Night Light Settings under Brightness and color.
  • You can click on the Turn on now option to enable night light or drag the slider attached to the Strength option to adjust the color temperature.

It is advisable to avoid high temperatures and set a comfortable one to reduce eye strain.

The night light is disabled by default on your Windows 11. You can enable it manually as well as schedule to turn off and on the feature.

To custom schedule the Night light, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open Settings > System > Display > Night Light Setting.
  • Now turn on the Schedule night light toggle button.
  • Here you will find Sunset to the sunrise option where Windows 11 will automatically configure the Night light settings as per the Sunrise and Sunset period in your location.
  • You can select the Set Hours option where you will have to specify the particular hours when the Night Light should be enabled and disabled.

After finishing the steps, Windows will maintain the specified hours to turn on or off the night light.

Closing Up

Hope now you know how to enable and use night light on Windows 11. If you have any questions, ask us in the comments section given below.

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