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Fix: Nintendo Switch Error 2123 -1502

You may encounter Nintendo Switch Error 2123-1502 while updating or downloading games or applications on your Nintendo Switch.

This error is mainly related to network issues when the Nintendo Switch cannot connect to the Nintendo servers.

There can be other factors responsible to trigger such errors that we are going to discuss in this article.

Besides, we shall also discuss all possible fixes to solve the problem.

So, keep reading until you find a proper solution to fix the issue.

How To Fix Nintendo Switch Error 2123-1502?

Now let us discuss the reasons one by one and figure out the feasible solutions for Nintendo Switch error 2123-1502.

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1) Restart Your Router And Nintendo Switch

While downloading, if you are getting Nintendo error code 2123-1502, then restart your router or modem and the Nintendo Switch.

This can fix the temporary glitch causing the error. So, follow the steps to do so:

  • Press and hold the Power button of your Nintendo Switch to turn it off.
  • Then turn off your router or modem and detach all the power cords attached to the devices and from the source.
  • Allow a few minutes to pass and then attach the power cord and turn on your router or modem and then turn on the Nintendo Switch.

Check if this has fixed the problem, else move on to the next step.

2) Check Your Nintendo’s Server Status

Before you go for any other solution, check the Nintendo’s server status.

As this error is related to the Nintendo server, it is very important you check that.

In case you find the server is down, wait for it to go live.

3) Reconnect The Wi-Fi Connection 

Sometimes due to an unstable network connection, you may also get errors on Nintendo Switch.

So, remove and re-add the internet connection on your Nintendo switch.

  • To do so, open System Settings of your Nintendo Switch. Then choose the Internet option.
  • Click on Internet Settings and then choose the Network you are using.


  • Select the Delete settings option and confirm your action. Wait for a few minutes and then add the Wi-Fi connection back.

If your internet is not working, then fix it and then go to the next step.

4) Re-Download The Game 

If you are still getting a Nintendo error code while downloading content, cancel the download by clicking on the Cancel Download button.


Now click on the download button and check if the process starts.

Wait for the download to finish. If you find the same Nintendo error code 2123-1502, then cancel the download again.

When you see the download button, click on it and quickly choose the Download Options or Download settings before the error pops up again.

Make sure not to click on anything till the download gets finished.

You will see a confirmation message as soon as the download is finished.

You can also update or download a game or app from the E-shop to fix the problem.

5) Turn On And Turn Off The Airplane Mode On Your Nintendo Switch 

Sometimes this quick trick can fix error 2123-1502 on Switch so, try enabling and disabling the flight mode. Follow the process to do so:

  • Open the Nintendo settings and search for the Airplane Mode option.nintendo-switch-airplane-mode
  • Turn on the Airplane or Flight Mode and wait for a few minutes.
  • Then disable the Airplane mode and begin your download process. Check if you can download this time without any error.

6) Clear Nintendo Switch Cache

The accumulated cache on your Nintendo Switch can be corrupted and due to this you may encounter error code 2123-1502.

So, clear the cache and check if this can fix the error.

  • Open System settings and click on the System tab.
  • Select Formatting Options as shown below.


  • Next, select Reset Cache to clear all cache and cookies. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the process.


7) Update The Game Or Application Manually 

Sometimes updating the game or application manually can fix the error on Nintendo Switch.

So, try following the process below:

  • From your Home screen, select the app or game that is showing the error. Make sure not to launch it.
  • Press the add (+) button of your controller and then click on the Software update option.
  • Go to the right panel and click on Via the internet option.
  • Wait for the process to get completed. Afterward, check if you are getting the Nintendo error again.

8) Change DNS Of Your Nintendo Switch 

If your Nintendo Switch persistently fails to connect to the Nintendo server, then you can get these types of errors.

So, change the DNS of the Nintendo Switch and check if this helps. Check the process given below to do that:

  • Open Nintendo Switch settings and go to the Internet tab.
  • Click on the Internet Settings and then select your Wi-Fi service.


  • Click on Change Settings and select the Manual option.
  • Set the Primary DNS value to and Secondary DNS to
  • Save your changes and restart your Nintendo Switch. Now check if you are getting any errors now.

9) Change The Nintendo Switch’s Language

Sometimes the language module of the Nintendo Switch may create problems and show errors.

To avoid such errors, change the preferred language of your Nintendo Switch. Now follow the process to do so:

  • Open System Settings and click on the System tab.
  • Select Language. After the interface shows the new language, revert the language settings and change back the language.nintendo-switch-select-language-option
  • Now see if you are getting the Nintendo Switch error.

10) Turn Off Sleep Mode On Your Nintendo Switch 

Sometimes Nintendo Switch cannot connect to the Nintendo servers and so shows you an error while downloading.

It happens if the Nintendo switch goes to sleep mode.

So, disable the sleep mode and this can solve the problem. To do that, follow the steps given below:

  • Click on the Sleep Mode tab from system settings.


  • Choose Auto Sleep and select the Never option. Save your changes and commence the download process.

Closing Up

Hope you are not getting Nintendo Switch error 2123-1502 after following the above guide.

Comment in the section below to send us your feedback.

For any other related issues, make sure to communicate with us.

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