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Fix: No Boot Device Found Error

When BIOS cannot find any bootable device, whether it is your hard disk with Windows installed or a bootable disc, it reports no boot device found error.

In today’s article, I am going explain some feasible solutions to fix this problem.

What To Do When No Boot Device Found?

Check the fixes mentioned below when no boot device is found and solve your problem.

Fix 1: Reconnect Your USB Device

The first thing you can try when no boot device is found in Windows 10 is to disconnect and reconnect the bootable disc/USB, if you are trying to boot from a bootable device when this error appears.

Often this simple trick can solve your problem. If after reconnecting the bootable disk /USB, you encounter the same problem, and then move on to the next solutions.

Fix 2: Check If There Is Any Loose Connection

Check that the components are properly connected. For this, turn off your computer and disconnect it from the power source.

Open the case and check if the SATA cables are properly connected to the hard drive and motherboard. Make sure the cables are not loose anywhere.

Now turn on your device and check. If you still find no bootable devices, then go to the next step.

Fix 3: Change The Bootable Device

The bootable device you are using can be malfunctioning. Use a new bootable device and check if you are getting the same error. If you don’t know how to create a bootable device, then read this article.

Fix 4: Reset BIOS

One other solution that has worked for many is resetting the BIOS. If none of the above solutions helped you, then you can try to resetting the BIOS and see if it fixes the issue.

To reset the BIOS, simply open the CPU cabinet and look for the CMOS battery on the motherboard. Detach the CMOS battery and reattach it. This will reset the BIOS and should fix this issue.

Closing Up

Hope the above solutions have fixed no boot device found error for your Windows 10. Leave us a reply if you have further suggestions or queries in the comment section provided below.

Sanchita Das
Sanchita Das
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