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What To Do When No Location Is Found On iPhone? [Solved]

Find My Friends is a location-based app for iPhone users to connect to their friends and family.

This tool helps you to link up with them from an Apple device like iPad, Apple Watch, or your iPhone.

But if you get no location found on iPhone, especially with the Find my Friends app, then there can be a few misconfigurations in the settings that you need to tweak.

Here is a complete guide on how you can fix it.

What Is Meant By No Location Found?

If you get no location found in Find My Friends app, it means that the location service is not working properly.

The application is dependent on the GPS and your phone’s location service.

If your date and time are not set correctly, or there is a glitch in your device, then also you can see the no location found on iPhone error.

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Why Does ‘Find My Friends’ Say No Location Found?

Here are the reasons why you are seeing no location found on the Find My Friends app. Have a look:

  • Your friend’s phone isn’t connected to a stable network connection or is switched off.
  • Your friend’s device is in a country or region where Apple doesn’t offer this feature.
  • You or your friend may have the incorrect date & time on your devices.
  • Your friend may have enabled Hide My Location in Find My Friends.
  • Location Services is disabled on your device.
  • Find my Friends is not supported in your Region.
  • There may be some internal problem with your iPhone.

No Location Found Vs Location Not Available

Is there any basic difference between the meanings?

No, they mean the same and you get no location found in Find My Friends app because of the above-mentioned reasons.

Now see what to do when the location is not available on iPhone.

What To Do When No Location Found On iPhone?

Let us now discuss what to do when you get no location on the Find My Friends app.

1) Check if Find my Friends Is Supported In Your Region

The find my Friends feature is not available for all the regions or countries.

So, if no location is available then make sure that Find my friends feature is available in your region.

2) Restart The Application And Log In Back

When there is no location found in the application, restart the app and then log in back instantly.

Before you move on to any advanced step just give this a try and see if this fixes the problem.

3) Check If Location Services Is Enabled

We often turn off the Location services to save battery power.

But still, the Find my Friends service can track your location with the help of your phone data.

So, why does it say no location found?

If your network is unstable or you are out of the network coverage area, then you will get no location found on Find My Friends app.

So, make sure that the GPS is turned on. Follow the steps to do so:

  • Open your iPhone Settings and go to the Privacy
  • Next, tap on Location Services and turn the toggle button on.


If this does not resolve the problem then go to the next step.

4) Check If Date & Time Are Correctly Set

Correct date & time is very important to track location. So, make sure that the date and time of your iPhone are correctly set.

You can also choose Automatic Date & Time settings.


This should fix the “No location found on find my friends” problem.

Checks if the app is working properly again else, move on to the next solution.

5) Enable Share My Location Feature

After performing all the above steps if you are thinking “Why does Find My Friends say no location found?” make sure that the Share My location feature is turned on.

Turning off the feature can be the reason behind the problem. Now follow the steps to turn the feature on:

  • From iPhone, Settings go to iCloud Settings.
  • Next, tap on Location Services and check if the Share My Location option is enabled. If not, enable it.


This should resolve the problem.

Closing Up

Hope the above solutions have helped you resolve the problem when no location found on iPhone.

For further queries, send us a reply in the comments section provided below.

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