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Fix: ‘No Valid Sources Are Available For This Video’ Error

While playing video content from a web browser if you get ‘no valid sources are available for this video’ types of error messages, then this article is exclusively for you.

Sometimes due to various reasons, you may not stream your audio or video files via some internet browser.

But do not worry as today we are going to discuss the probable causes and solutions to get rid of the error and play your video easily.

How To Fix ‘No Valid Sources Are Available For This Video’ Error?

When you cannot play a video through an internet browser and get ‘no valid sources are available for this video’ error message follow the steps described below and solve the problem.

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1) Clear Browser Cache

The corrupted browser cache can be the reason for the ‘no playable video sources found’ error message.

So, clear your browser cache and then try to play the video.

Now follow the steps to clear cache from Google Chrome:

  • Open Google Chrome and click on the three dots from the upper right corner.
  • Select More Tools and next click on the Clear Browsing Data option.


  • Click on the Time Range and select the All-Time Check all the boxes for:

Browsing History, Download History, Cookies, and other site data & Cached images and files.

  • Finally, click on the Clear Data option.


Finish the process and if you still get error loading no playable sources found, go to the next solution.

2) Disable Browser Extensions

Sometimes the third-party browser extensions can be the reason for the error message while streaming video content.

So, disable the browser extensions and then try playing the video.

The process to disable the browser extension is simple. Follow the steps illustrated below:

  • Open Chrome and click on the three dots menu from the top. Expand More Tools option.
  • Select Extensions. Now you will get to see all the browser extensions added.


  • Just turn off the toggle for each extension you want to disable for the time being.


  • After disabling the extensions try to play the video file. If you can play it, then enable the extensions one by one and check for which extension you are getting the error.

Keep that particular extension disabled. Now, this should solve the problem.

3) Open Your Web Browser In Incognito Mode

Opening your web browser in incognito mode naturally disables all the browser extensions.

So, you can open the web browser in incognito mode and then play the video.

So, there will be less possibility of getting ‘Content issue no playable video source founderror messages.

Follow the steps to open Chrome in incognito mode:

  • Open Google Chrome Menu and click on the New Incognito Window option.


  • Now play your video in the new window and hopefully this time you will not confront any error.

4) Update Your Browser

If you are trying to play the video using an outdated browser, then also you can get an ‘error loading no playable sources found’ error message.

So, update your web browser if it is not updated recently. Follow the steps to update Chrome:

  • Open the Google Chrome menu and click on the Help option.
  • Now select About Google Chrome from the left pane.


  • Chrome will automatically check for updates and download them.


  • After Chrome finishes updating, try to play the video now.

Closing Up

So, there you have it. Now you know how to fix this error when the video is not playing on your browser.

Send us your feedback as we always look forward to hearing from you.

Sanchita Das
Sanchita Das
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