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How To Insert The “Does Not Equal” Sign? [Full Guide]

Most of the standard keyboards do not have the (≠) symbol on the keyboard.

Though not often but sometimes when a user needs to use the does not equal sign, they don’t know how to do it.

So, today I am going to show you what to do when there is no equal sign on the keyboard. Keep reading for details.

How Can You Insert ‘Not Equal Sign’?

When you do not have the not equal sign on the keyboard, here are the numbers of ways to insert the symbol. Check it out.

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1) Use Keyboard Shortcuts For Not Equal Sign (Windows & Mac)

This is a quick guide to show you how you can enter the not equal sign using a keyboard shortcut.

  • Position the cursor in Microsoft Word just where you want to insert the not equal to sign.
  • Just press and hold the Alt button and enter 8800 on your numeric keypad.
  • If the Alt+8800 key combination is not working then check press the Numlock once and retry it.
  • Or, type 2260 exactly where you want to insert the symbol and press Alt + X key combinations, and see the magic! The number 2260 will get substituted by ≠ sign.

For Mac Users

Those who are using macOS, the key combination for the not equal sign is Option + =.

So, press the key combinations simultaneously exactly where you want to input the not equal sign.

2) Find ≠ Sign In The Google

When we need to find out something, Googling is the first option that clicks in our mind.

  • So, you can simply type ‘not equal to sign’ or ‘does not equal sign’ in Google and copy the ≠ sign using Ctrl + C.
  • Open Notepad, paste the symbol there to avoid copying any format.
  • Copy it again from the notepad and finally paste it to the desired location by pressing Ctrl + V key combinations.

3) Use The Character Map

The character map contains all the possible characters that you need. So, when you cannot find does not equal sign on your keyboard, opt for the Character map utility.

  • To find the character map, enter the character map in the Windows search menu and select the top option.
  • Scroll to find the does not equal symbol as shown in the picture below.


  • Select the symbol and click on the Copy Now you can paste it in the desired place.


4) Not Equal Symbol in Microsoft Office Suite

If you need to use the not equal symbol in Microsoft Word or Microsoft Office Excel, then follow the steps given below to know how to type not equal sign.

Microsoft Word

  • Place your cursor to the particular place on your document where you want to type the not equal to sign. Click on the Insert tab from the Toolbar.


  • Then go to the extreme right and click on Symbol.


  • Expanding the drop-down menu you will find the does not equal sign. Just click on the sign and you will see it in the specific place in your document.


  • You may also click on More symbols option.


  • Then select the not equal to symbol and click on the Insert option.


For MS Office Excel Sheets

  • Position your cursor to the place where you want to insert the not equal to symbol and click on the Insert option from the ribbon.


  • Now find and select the ≠ sign and Insert it to the required place.


Closing Up

So that is all about inserting the ‘not equal to’ symbol in your document when you do not find not equal sign on keyboard.

For any additional support, leave us a comment in the reply section below.

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