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Fix: Roku Just Showing Purple Screen [HDCP Unauthorized]

Roku may sometimes display a purple or black screen with ‘HDCP unauthorized. Content Disabled’ message. 

This happens if the AVR (Audio/Video Receiver) or the TV does not support HDCP or High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection technology. 

This technology prevents the illegal copying of digital high-definition media.

So, what is the way out? Fortunately, there are plenty of solutions to fix the problem. Go through this article to find out the solutions. 

What To Do If Roku Is Showing Purple Screen? 

Follow the methods described below when Roku is showing a black or purple screen and fix the problem. 

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1) Restart Your TV 

To fix Roku blank purple screen, restart your TV. Turn the TV off, and detach all the power cords from each device. Make sure to disconnect the power cord of the Roku player. 


Wait for some time and then reconnect everything. Now turn on the TV and see if the problem is resolved.  

2) Stop The Video Content And Play It Again 

Sometimes the video content that you are trying to play may be corrupted. This can be the reason for a purple screen or black screen on Roku.

Stop the video and then restart it a couple of times and see if the issue gets fixed. 

3) Check The HDMI Cable 

When you see a purple screen on Roku, check the HDMI cable. See that the cable is not loose and connected properly to the port.

Make sure that the HDMI cable is not damaged. Check the cable for any physical damage or tearing. 


You may unplug it from both ends and then plug it again to the ports firmly. If it still doesn’t solve the problem, then change the HDMI cable.

4) Change The Ports 

Sometimes the HDMI ports can also be defective.  

Connect both ends of the HDMI cable to other ports (if available) and check if Roku is working properly now. 


If you see the same problem after changing the ports, then go to the next step. 

5) Check Your TV Or The Computer Monitor 

The black or purple screen can occur due to a problematic TV set or computer monitor.  

Your TV or monitor can be too old and malfunction. 

So, you can change your display and check if Roku is functioning properly now. 

6) Check The Manual Of The Roku Player 

If you are trying to stream 4K Ultra HD content on Roku and getting a purple screen, then you need to check the manual of your Roku player. 

Thoroughly go through the instructions for setting the Roku player for 4K.  

Make the necessary configuration and then stream your content. 

Closing Up 

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