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How To Rotate Screen On MacBook [Complete Guide]

It makes sense to change the orientation of your Mac book for fetching more data at a glance from the spreadsheet or while using a Mac book in public.

Gamers also prefer to rotate screen Mac for convenience sometimes.

So, if you want to know, how to rotate the screen on the MacBook, check this column.

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2 Ways To Rotate Screen On MacBook

Let us check how to rotate the screen on the MacBook easily using the techniques discussed below.

1) Rotating Screen Mac From System Preferences

You can try rotating screen Mac from the system preferences window. Mac has the rotation feature inside the display window.

Now follow the steps in detail to know how to rotate Mac your Mac screen:

  • From the Apple, Menu click on System Preferences.
  • Select Display from the System Preferences window.
  • Inside the Display Tab, click on the dropdown menu for Rotation.

Here you will get 4 different types of options as described below:

Standard– This is Mac’s default display setting.

90°– This rotates the Mac screen to a vertical layout.

180°– This rotates Mac upside down.

270°– This flips the Mac screen and rotates it into a vertical layout.


  • Choose the rotation option you want for your Mac book. Confirm your action by clicking on the Confirm button.

To revert to the default rotation, click on the Revert button or wait for a few seconds doing nothing and the screen will automatically revert to the default settings.

2) Rotating Mac Book Display Using Keyboard

Few Mac devices do not support the screen rotating option. For them, you can use your keyboard for rotating the screen Mac.

Check the steps to know how to rotate the screen on Mac using your keyboard:

  • Go back to the Mac book home page. Press and hold the Option key and Command key on the keyboard.
  • Now click on the System Preferences and go to the Display option.
  • Now you should get the Rotation option. You can select the Rotation option as per your preferences. Next click on the Confirm button and you are done!

If you cannot find the Rotation option on your Mac book after trying the above steps then it’s your bad luck that your hardware does not support the feature.

Closing Up

So, that was how to rotate screen on Mac book. You may conclude that not all the Mac monitors can be rotated but if your system supports the above mentioned methods will work for you.

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