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How To Screenshot On Windows 11 – Complete Guide

Windows 11 has finally released officially, and it comes with quite a bit of changes. Windows users upgrading to Windows 11 tend to have issues finding some of the simple features on the new UI. Screenshotting is one such feature that many users are having trouble with on Windows 11.

Here I have discussed how to screenshot on Windows 11 and the different type of screenshots one can take on it.

How To Screenshot On Windows 11

Taking screenshots on Windows 11 is quite simple. There are various ways you can take screenshots on Windows 11. Here I have mentioned many of them so, pick the method that suits your requirement.

1) PrtSc

For taking screenshots of the entire screen, you can use the PrtSc key or Print Screen key. Pressing the print screen key will take the screen shot of the entire screen and copy it on the clipboard.

Now you can paste it on any application that supports inserting image (Paint, Paint 3D, Adobe Photoshop, etc) and save it.

2) Alt + PrtSc

If you want to take screenshots of only the active window, then press Alt + PrtSc keys. This will only take the screenshot of the active window on your screen instead of the entire screen.

The screenshot will be captured on the clipboard, so you will have to paste it on Paint or similar application that supports pasting image. From there you can save it.

3) Shift + Windows key + S

Are you looking to have more control while capturing screenshots on Windows 11? Then you can use the Windows Snipping Tool, which will let you select the portion of the screen you want capture and only save that part.

Press Shift + Windows + S keys and select the portion of the screen you want to capture. The image will be captured on your clipboard. Paste it in any application that supports pasting image and save it. Otherwise, you can also save it from the Snipping Tool.

4) Use Xbox Game Bar

The Xbox Game bar in Windows 11 and Windows 10 is a great tool with some nifty features. One of the features of Game Bar is capturing screen shots. Here is how you can use it:

  • Type Xbox Game Bar in the search bar and select the top result.
  • Click on the Capture icon. It will open another menu.
  • Select the Camera icon to capture screen shots. The entire screen running behind the game bar will be captured.
  • You can then click on the Show all captures option and copy the screenshot to Clipboard.

5) Use 3rd Party Applications

If you are not pleased with the natively available options on your Windows, you can always use third party applications. There are plenty third party applications out there that capture screenshots. Snagit is one such app that I have personally used and found useful. It comes with an editor for easy editing the captured image.

Closing Up

So, there you have it. Now you know how to screenshot on Windows 11. If you have any queries related to this topic, ask them in the comment section below.

Sanmay Chakrabarti
Sanmay Chakrabarti
Sanmay is a Windows Insider and editor at BottoBotto. He is a Tech enthusiast and has been writing tech blogs for over 2 years now. He loves reading books, traveling to new places and listening to music in his free time.

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