SharePlay Has Finally Arrived On iPhone – iOS 15.1 Update

One of the highlight points of iOS 15 unveil was SharePlay. Sadly, the feature didn’t arrive with the official release of iOS 15. With the latest iOS 15.1 update released, the feature finally arrives on iPhones.

Other than SharePlay, iOS 15.1 update also brings some new camera features for iPhone 13 pro series, a new Apple wallet feature, new shortcuts, and much more. Here I have everything that has arrived with iOS 15.1 and how you can use them.

What iOS 15.1 Update Brings?

iOS 15.1 update brings a lot more than SharePlay. With the iOS 15.1 update, ProRes video capture and a setting for turning off automatic camera switching when taking macro photos and videos comes to iPhone 13 pro and iPhone 13 pro Max.

Apple Wallet also gets an update. It now supports Covid-19 vaccination card, which allows users to add and present verifiable vaccination information directly from Apple Wallet.

This update also brings new pre-built actions, which lets users overlay texts on images or GIFs. There is also a new game that can be played with Siri. Other than all that, iOS 15.1 update comes with multiple bug fixes.

What Is SharePlay?

SharePlay allows users to share a music or video to another iOS 15 user and watch or listen to it together using Facetime. This feature was absent with the official release of iOS 15 but now it’s finally here.

Using this users can share content from Apple TV, Apple Music, Fitness+, and other supported apps on App Store.

Other OTT services can also add the SharePlay support and Apple specifically mentioned that Disney Plus, Hulu, ESPN Plus, HBO Max, Pluto TV, Paramount Plus, the NBA app, TikTok, MasterClass, Twitch and Zillow while introducing SharePlay in the event. Netflix is missing from the group, but they can add it in the future.

How To Use SharePlay On iPhone?

To use SharePlay on your iPhone, first you need to update it to iOS 15.1. Open the Settings on your iPhone, tap on the General option and select the Software Update option. Start the update and wait for it to finish. Once you have updated to iOS 15.1, here is how you can use SharePlay.

Use SharePlay With FaceTime

First, you will need to start a FaceTime call. The other device that you are calling also needs to be updated to iOS 15.1.

Sharing videos:

  • After you are connected, move to the Apple TV or Music app and play any music or video.
  • The other person will have to accept the request and it will automatically start in SharePlay.

Sharing Screen including 3rd party apps and content:

  • Connect with the other person on FaceTime and tap on the screen sharing icon (Screen with a human icon).
  • This will share your entire screen with all the third-party apps and content on your iPhone.

To end the SharePlay, simply tap on the SharePlay icon and end the SharePlay or screen sharing.

Closing Up

So, there you have it. Now you know how to use SharePlay on iPhone. If you have any further queries regarding this topic, ask them in the comment section.

Sanmay Chakrabarti
Sanmay Chakrabarti
Sanmay is a Windows Insider and editor at BottoBotto. He is a Tech enthusiast and has been writing tech blogs for over 2 years now. He loves reading books, traveling to new places and listening to music in his free time.


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