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How To Spoof Location On iPhone?

Spoofing location on iPhone is quite tricky, but still possible.

Here I have shown how you can easily spoof location on your iPhone.

So, follow this article and perform as shown to easily spoof location.

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Why Spoof Location?

Many users want to fake their location to play some of the location-based games like Pokemon GO.

Or, you may need to access region restricted content on some a particular app.

There can be several other reasons one may not want to disclose their original location and fake it.

Whatever the reason, follow this extensive guide and know how to spoof GPS on iPhone.

How To Spoof Location On iPhone?

There is no straightforward way to spoof GPS on iPhone, but I can suggest you some iPhone location spoofer to fake your location.

But before we proceed, note that there are certain risks while you fake your iPhone location.

Avoid visiting harmful websites that were previosly blocked by your iPhone. Changing the location and accessing harmful websites can lead to viruses and malware attacks.

Sometimes faking the GPS on your iPhone can change some of your original app settings.

Don’t try to do anything illegal by changing your iPhone’s location. Spoofing location won’t help you from legal consequences.

If still you want to fake your location after considering all these factors, then follow the methods shown below.

1) Use A iPhone Location Spoofer


iTools is a good location changer on iPhone that I can suggest. It is compatible with Windows and macOS.

You get this spoofer free for a limited period, and works only for your iOS 12.

Now follow the instruction given below to fake your location using iTools:

First of all, get iTools and install it on your iPhone.

  • Open it and choose the Free trial option. Now connect your iPhone to your PC and search for the iTools Toolbox.
  • Select Virtual location.
  • From the next window, click on the Developer Mode and download the iOS Developer Disk Image File.


  • Search for the location you want to spoof to and find that on the map by clicking on the Go button.
  • Now to fake your original location, select the Move Here option. Exit from the window and close iTools.


  • Make sure to tap on the ‘No’ option when asked if you want to stop the simulation.

This will keep your fake location for only 24 hours.


3UTools is a free software program that can fake your location easily. This tool is compatible with your Windows, iOS, and iPadOS 15.

After downloading the tool, open the Toolbox and click on Virtual Location.


Select a fake location from the map and click on modify virtual location. Tap on the OK button to confirm your action.

2) Use a VPN

Using VPN is a common way to fake the location of your iPhone.

These are convenient tools that can change your location to anywhere across the Globe.

There are various VPNs available in the market that are compatible with your iOS devices and use them to change the location.

Closing Up 

If you have found the above guide helpful and can now easily spoof GPS on iPhone, then tell us in the comment section.

Also, join our Botto Botto community for any tech-related updates.

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